changeWhen you change things will change
Make no mistake my friend, it is only when you change that you will begin to see things changing
around you and for you!
Our bible clearly tells us that every seed produces after its kind, Genesis 1:12. Therefore change in any matter will have to be initiated by the changing of the seeds that’s being planted in order to achieve a different end result or a completely different harvest.
Religious jargon would have you believe that seeds are for the most part financial and that once you plant a financial seed it has the ability to change whatever negative circumstances you’re experiencing in your life. Well, not only is this unscriptual but it’s also a plan of the enemy to keep you in a cycle of ignorance and defeat.
I promise you whatever it is that you desire to change or you desire to see change in, the initiation of the change you desire or seek MUST begin with you! The bible is saturated with this clear understanding as it relates to change. Luke 6:43-44, says, “For a good tree can not produce corrupt fruit; neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit” it further states that every tree is known by its fruit, meaning if a person plants a grape seed, then they should not be in expectation of apples as a harvest and if they decided to plant orange seeds it would be foolish of them to expect mangos as a harvest.
Therefore, change is the inevitable of all things but we determine what that change will be based on the seeds we have been planting. I would like to say to someone today to please CONSIDER THE SEEDS YOU HAVE BEEN PLANTING BECAUSE IT IS THOSE SEEDS THAT HAVE AND WILL CONTINUE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH YOUR LIKE OR DISLIKE HARVEST OR END RESULT YOU HAVE BEEN RECEIVING!
Father, please in the name of your son Jesus Christ, reveal to your people the seeds that they have been planting be it knowingly or unknowingly that has been guaranteeing them the cycles of defeat, disappointment and failure in their lives. Lord, cause them to realize and come to the understanding that one can not plant the seeds of hate and expect love as a harvest in return. Lord open their spiritual eyes so that they would understand that it is the seeds of financial mismanagement that they have mastered all their lives that has produced for them a sea of lack and poverty. Finally Father, cause them to know that it will only be when they decide to change their methods, thoughts, ideas, imagination, ways etc, which are their seeds of life, then the change that they seek and desire will begin to manifest, in the name of your son Jesus Christ!
“You must initiate the change you desire to see, when you change, then and only then will the things and people around you will change, simply put, YOU ARE THE CHANGE THAT YOU ARE SEEKING!
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
Posted by Kevin Ewing at 10:56 AM


  1. I feel full after reading this article. It’s like having a nutritious and delicious spiritual breakfast. Thank You Lord for your blessings, mercies, forgiveness, and for changing whatever you thought was best to change in my life. Most importantly Heavenly Father, thank you for loving a wretch like me. Praises be to your Holy and Precious name I pray. Amen.

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