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  1. Not only woman but wife. Alissa realize him just going back and forth and lef, find man and just a work and tek care of her daughter. Look like him caa tek it.

  2. He not even taking care of his child he just f**k n best her up when he feels like that’s why the bitch getting foodstamps

  3. but why she nuh call him a domestic abuser along with puddy tat, cuz dem nuh claim him beat har wid gun. mi woulda lock him up

  4. Shabba live with him woman and wont leave the girl alone. Yes she was tekking you with your wife got pregnant and have a nice little girl but eventually got her act together and taking care of herself and baby. Leave the girl bout you waa fight her in a party and back gun because the girl a fight you back like a 2 man a fight.

  5. Allissa stop tell lies!!! You go up to shabba at the party and him push yuh dung and him friend give him yuh phone and him wife dash it weh. Stop stalking the man. Yuh never realize seh the mon have him family before yuh breed fool fool gal

    1. His wife wasnt even there so come with a better story. ANd the friend give her he phone how the wife a get ahold of it to it dash it wey????????/

  6. Allissa approach shabba bout the child and shabba move har up and she run call police. Gal yuh nuh have phone. Yuh couldnt call him fi ask him bout yuh child. Gal the mon nuh want yuh yuh mek kay boots fi ho to the mon inna party fi ask bout yuh child. Gal yuh careless bad!! Mi nuh feel sorry fi yuh! Stop tell lie mon!

  7. Ano 8:59 am the mon same har cause she too bright fi ask bout child inna party. Allissa call shabba phone pon rapid and him nuh answer cause him dont want to deal wid the wicked gal allissa. Him seh him hate har bad. Stop stalk the poor mon

  8. Allissa stop tell people seh shabba not taking care of his daughter. Foofl Fool gal how many kids shabba have? Just remember seh all of him kids have to eat not just yours. Stop watch weh him other kids have and ah wah him ah do fi him other kids and worry bout yours. Yuh come in like a rass pest. Weh yuh want him fi mine yuh child ah jamaica to. That is what you get fi breed fi marry mon. You are a disgrace. Why you wait fi go party fi call the mon pussy is it because him nah answer yuh phone call ugly gal lol ah good ah good fi yuh mon

    1. nIKKI
      Nikki, you are the Clown of the century. Shabba will forever gi you bunn.. Please stop claim the title “ Wife” cause every body know seh is paypas di mon did wah and you were the perfect scapegoat cause you ha born yankee. Shabba and Alissa deh before you come in the picture # Facts# .. several ppl in Philly can verify that. The only reason you took the lead was because she couldn’t give him no paypas. Now that him get lock up soo many time and him see the paypay is never coming you notice the change in your marriage? Stop acting like you a teck lead chu him sarrie fi you and see seh you mental and him wah meck sure him kids dem safe. Nikki you know you have sleepless night cause you call all ah him frens if him missing for 1 miunte plus you drive out all a Philly ah look fi him every night. Girl you are his mother not his Wife living that kind of miserable life. Why you have strength fi Allisa when you couldn’t even walk near Marlo when she did teck him over? Girl Shabba spend more time a road than in the house with you and the kids so stop it. You are the man and he is the woman . While you slave all day to pay the bills, he on the road with ur kids meeting all their step moms. You are past pathetic. How many times did he try to leave you and you start with your Victim mentality. Girl you only fooling yourself. Stop rejoice over him and Alissa war cause when he leaving you it will be a Catastrophie . please go check yourself into a mental ward cause only a fool would keep reproducing for a broke man just to prove they have his last child. lmao

  9. But Nikki u a wife and nah get nothing either Nikki you live on section 8 did u forget Nikki so tell me now how u a wife and still asking your dad for financial support Boo how pot fi cuss kettle all of u is the same Nikki stop act like u forgot say a paper marriage remember a u tell Shabba no go Jamaica u will file fi him so why u acting like a good up good up marriage Nikki did u forget the jacket u gave to berbal family Nikki u is one of Phillie’s biggest f**k box stop walk and chat and talk about the 150 u paying for rent up city line yes bitch I got your file.

  10. Allissa stop tell people seh Nikki go through your phone and ah try bruk through code gal yuh need a life. Me witness yuh ah run dung the mon and ah call call him every minute. If you kno what is best yuh dont mek yuh friends boots yuh. Lowe the mon he will see his child when he is ready. You so stupid you never know seh this day wouldnt come bite yuh inna yuh lumpy ass. The mon have him kids ah england and ah him yawd weh him haffie mine to. Ah good fi yuh. Look how many years yuh sleep wid him and nuh get nothing and ah now yuh want come provoke the mon.

  11. Stalka gal Ally and lol at section 8 shabba ah mine up nikki 3 kids them lol shabba ah pay him house bills facts and ah that bun ally

  12. Nikki your page is private sweetie. Me hear seh you ah talk up di things dem but mi cah see it. Why don’t you make it public so nobody don’t have to carry back or screenshot. You juss love attention. Yes your pay check is heqavy, but please to also specify the amount of hours you had to do to get it. No sleep in your bed, while ur “Wife Shabba at home babysitting or whoring and acting like your pimp. Sending you to make that bread. gweh

  13. Papers wife then but not now dwl Shabba seh him love him wife and Nikki not going anywhere and Nikki kids is in school and shabba is too busy worrying about Nikki cheating on him dwl

  14. What a bag a shame and disgrace. When we gonna stop degrading each other. Out of many one people really don’t mean a thing to us any more. SMFH

  15. Shining star from week you deh pon Nikki case but Shamarie aka bobby deh pon mon my case. All ova mi baddie

  16. Got it no good Dry head Alli did you think it was going to be a bed of roses having a outside child for a married couple whether it’s for legal matters or not how can you get pregnant when the wife pregnant and think or even expect same treatment but yuh stink all the bleach you a bleach it pitch patch like yuh mukky life try go whole a seat with yuh porridge body and mouling front and guh tek that up with yuh big ole weh can’t hold no man or futher more yuh ugly mumma weh bring forth you and yuh filth

  17. Nikki & Shabba nah left so uno go ans heng unno self right yah now dem marriage is great. Pitney dem well taking care of. Abay dwl

  18. Kelly lick dutty munchy from castor Inna har face gal start talk Inna parables me good body munchy u a fool

  19. You can say whatever bout who ever But Nikki you be shamed to have to go on social media to defend your marriage. If everything was great in ur damn delusional world you would never have to defend you marriage. PERIOD!

  20. They married that enough none of you have marriage certificate she must be doing something right a man knows when a woman is wife material

  21. Munchy from lastnight u a yank and u still yanking bout ain’t bout that life u beating weh u get is about that life.

  22. Lol….. Mi hear seh Kelly and Munchie fight lastnight a round robin. Weh really gwah? Who win? Who start it? How it keep so silent?

  23. Not a fan of kelly, but munchy yuh did need fi get a buss ass….one thing i can say bout kelly tho she will beat a bitch ass…munchy can fight? Dem never say stacy did use her mop the floor over the Haitian man?

  24. but how Munchie an Kelly fi fight when Kelly did deh a P. Rico? and even so how none a dem naw talk bout it pan fb? smaddy confirm it deh

  25. Kelly lost the fight stop saying she beat bitches ass Kelly can’t beat shit and runs from tooth paste

  26. Only only chu Kelly know Munchie paper works no righted and she cah lock har up why she go fight har. Kelly you fi stop it You just come back off your happily anniversary vacation fi come fight the same night?. Bad Bull some body soo kool you. Suppose Munchie did gi you a coward stab and you Flatter like fish weh woulda happen to you 3 pickni dem caylis gal? Memeba you Fadda was a bad man and him get cool so doh think you untouchable. So what if Munchy diss you pon internet, She neva lick you. Go look a work and stop gwan like you a celebrity chu you have ppl a press “like “ cause dem love laugh at the bafoonery you put up like you really a live good life. Munchie all you wah a good bax. Where was you bestie Kay fi help you? No she always a cheer you on fi ppl hate you. With frens like those who needs enemies. Obviously di ppl dem no like you munchie foir Kelly to get at least 2 second to beat you. Why dem neva part di fight sooner?.Kelly fi smaddy weh always a keep party you really go mash up di ppl dem party a brukk fight like you ah Star? Goes to show she you no rate di ppl dem. I hope when you keep party and ppl mash it up, you count your loss too. Biotch. I swear owne is di gal ina unuh realtion ship cause him cah contain you. Please to go and untie the ppl dem Son so him can be free. You notice how you wah leave and cah leave cause you and you mumma tie him up. Live in your misery and go seek Jesus.

  27. Kelly really come offa di plane an come fight? obviously a musss summen weh posted pan snap cause it cuz nutten is being posted pan FB. one thing about dem woman ya dem don’t think about dem kids before dem act. Munchie cudda stab har an get lock up and Kelly dead lef har kids smh. dem too igle dem need fi go fine summen keep dem busy. this cannot be stemming from the incident after Kelly party weh happen way ina April. must be summen fresh! for the person who say chue Kelly know munchie no have paper why she beat har. was munchie thinking about not having papers when she a diss people? everybody been saying somebody a go gi Munchie a buss ass so it just come a little bit early. dem need fi leggo a bomb ina Philly cuz too much carelessness and that is one of the reason why others look down pan we so smh. all the Kaysha she, she next! she love boosts up people and she look like one a dem dog deh weh bark nuff an as u rush dem di frigga run wid dem tail under them. if Munchie did beat Kelly it wudda been on snap, fb and ig so it look like Kelly really deliver di buss ass. but Kelly mussi did deh pan dat flight a premeditate di beating. dem need fi grow up.

  28. Kelly pic afta the party doesn’t show someone who has been in a fight. so maybe there is no truth to this story

  29. That bitch Kelly is the f***g man in the relationship but it don’t Owen from f**g on her she came off vacation and went right back to dancehall couldn’t wait to get in the party no ambition f***g shitty breath Kelly why Neva beat wingy when did tel u go ur face how fake u are

  30. Munchy u sound confuse,u say u win yet u call a beef bout u no want fight bitch sit your monkey ass down liad gal u fi tell the people how u nah pay u rent and a buy cocky

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