1. Mitchi boo yuh stay real bad yuh favour the big hippopotamus all you do is praise cloth and boot non ambition big dirty bitch. Mitchi boo grudge and hate when people come out looking better than her she’s a waste in England. Nuh man nuh want mitchi boo she never have a stable man pure African man she f**k she and her nasty daughter punky

  2. Nadapecco It dont matter who she f**k tbh what us wrong with an African man ?being Jamaican don’t qualifies u to be a real man .no need to classify another black person because of where they come from or born .most so called African man are way successfull than guys from back home .here in foreign they actually own houses hairshops business and all u care about is where someone was born .shows your inferior complex.as for mitchie boo she should just stop start arguement with every one and concentrate on her own hustle. I will retaliate again being a jaimaican don’t make a man better than other black man .as a fact most us came here very young or jus got grand parents on carribean origin and don’t really know but jus jump on the bandwagon of dissing other cultures .

  3. @famous famous AFRICAN men have a lot a ambition yes but them STINK real bad and them breath smell like someting dead! I don’t know how you girls f**k African dem hygiene is very poor

  4. Not all of dem #fact .bare have got swag and dem forever clean .
    It’s your mis informed perception or u feel threated with their success. Have seen bare man from yard dirty stinking especially road man and some we see every week inna dance

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