Pappiiiii woyoieeeeeeee! Ah culda WAH DO SUM FISH YA NOWWWW PAPPI AH DAT YUH PICK?????? Come on Popcaan yes yuh draws Dutty u are a comfortable CLOSET FISH! TRUE STORY! Let’s show dancehall how yuh shame dem en ave man ah grip yuh batty welllll comfortable WHYYYYYY WHY WHYYYYYYYEEEEEEE??? Wait deh Poppi ah teach man ah teach yuh fi cook from behind whyyyyyy why why WHYYYY or ah jus one illusion ? Clear it clear ! Wahhhhhhhhh? WAH YUH AH DO YA NOWWWWW? Shitty batty Popcaan TAP RUN DOWN DRAKE FI RATINGS!!! Shameful yuh nuh reach di album YUH EN YUH TEEFIN CREW HAAAAA! Stick up waaaaaaa? AH DAT DEM PICK? PAPPI lets state relevant places yuh nuh reach fi 2016 being DI year ah dun YA NOW!!!
Drake album
Di bank
Drake album
TRUE WUD EMPTY BARREL MEK DE MOST NOISE HUSHHHHHHHH PU**Y FOOT MAYBE NEX LIFE TIME??? Behave yuhselfffff! Simmer down PAPPI, explain dI BATTY grabbing and don’t seh yuh deh whyyyyyy because if yuh suh bad en man hol ah grippings likea dis BULLLLLETTTT! Inna real life!!! EN MI WAN KNO WAHHHHH DI MAN AH DO BEHIND YUH?

21 thoughts on “WHEY POPCAAN DO YUH LOVE?

  1. Sender u R bitter u R lonely n miserable this look like u upset u no get the man. Go away man pls take all seats n stop the crapt

  2. An accident by the guards shouldn’t the guards should be wearing black shirts that reads security… But it could be the security trying to hold Popcaan up because it seems like his going to fall backwards so they are paid to protect the artists right and that looks like what the security is doing if that is in fact a security guard… Now if it is a fan and his not aware of what is going on because it seems to be packed in there he doesn’t seem to realize what is going on back there because I’m sure his high and drunk and having a good time… Now Kartel along side Bennie man are the top of top DJ’s right now and Popcaan and Alkine come 2nd in the race because they steadily throwing out hits and miss but they are staying relevant so that’s a good thing. Also Vegas is coming in in 3rd.

  3. Sender is a hater it does look photshop smh dem start now must a mavado fans dem looking a come back from poppie diss him lol

  4. Dis is a joke photo shopped dem just ah look ah story fi geh back mavado ah hype cause popie dis him wicked lol kmt just by all the drake ting yuh kno sender is a vardo fans or whatever

  5. First mi eva hear sey poppi a batty man please stop sender yuh reachinggggggg lef poppi alone he’s doing big things in music nobody can’t deny that nor ignore it. yuh sound jealous like poppi mek yuh suck it and neva fuk it.

  6. Send a dat outta him control look like dem a try grab him off stage fans going wild….. Anyways tell we di real story.. But no lie still a no di fuss Mi hear pappy name call pan batty ova yah still.

  7. The unruly sign that poopie has a bunch of man throwing up now is an undercover bisexual batty man sign, now the people dem know. Pure freaky bwoy that phuck man and gal love do dem ting dey. But poopie, how di man ah caress yah battam suh bwoy? Like him ah rub some palm oil pon yah batty jaw. Dis ah batty ting yah NOW, Dem bwoy ah endorse shyt pon dyck yah now! Dem devil worshipping fish is wicked! wicked! wicked!

    1. So are u upset that u are not the one rubbing the oil or u madddddddd because Mofraudo lose face with drake unnu no see say a Rihanna drake ting deh unnu dun now man cause man a war ova man a fuxxery kmt

  8. Slight off topic, am I the only one who saw the video of Mavado sitting down on stage tracing somebody in the audience because he called him a “dutty dread”. He was really upset, it really hit a nerve. Mavado lost and he knows it!

  9. This from a performance he did in Guadeloupe from 2012. He’s standing on a barrier and security was holding him up. Sender (Movado) go sit down somewhere with this.

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