1. She deh bout advertising her rubbings. But all me can say if a veneers she have pon ar teet, she need a rapid refund cause them look more like laminate.#ijs

  2. Simone is very dirty and her daughter she let get molested need counseling. Simone never have supplies when u go her shop just bleaching cream. You have to come with your own supplies including a good shampoo and conditioner. Will never go back to her again she’s unprofessional. All she know to do is sell pussy and cream and she treat her friends better than actually the paying customers!!!!

  3. Simone you send in your story, then you come on here talking about your new teeth . Ok let talk
    People Simone mouth is updated SMH

  4. What happen to her and her bestie yankee Michelle?
    Simone is a very bad mind girl…. she always grudge
    Michelle! Simone u still wearing the fake pink red bottom?
    Simone u still a f**k Andre OK for the marshals credit..
    Simone little girl is very prime and theif like her mom.
    Simone u still a borrow the people money to mind Dave?
    Simone u still a borrow from the people them
    Simone always broke always owe rent sad

  5. Her daughter got molested???? Simone u careless bad from u deh England u walk and left u pickney Dem all over u are a grandmother act like it miss surgery all now u can’t find a man finish settle with u ,u ugly bad and no surgery can change that look how long u Fren Dem tell u fi send fi u big daughter a Jamaica so she can keep the rest a kids but u would never do it until she breed down there turn u Inna granny d amount a cocky u go dun go pay for coulda buy her ticket Simone u nasty u don’t even wash clothes miss surgery memba u father u to f**k u facts u are a worthless gal no man don’t want u memba say wen u suck d boy wood from North London him say wen him look Inna u ugly face him did affi draw him cocky outta u man cause come in like a one monkey a go him blow job u can’t hpye pon nobody that really know u miss surgery memba say Anna MEK u run wey from West London and u cum south London cum get a beating police informer u set police pon the peckham hairdresser cause the gal Dem can do hair Betta Dem up badmine simone aka miss surgery all pussy she do

  6. Shape stop sending in stories of yourself no one cares or looking at u teeth done where? Only of 6 of those chicklet teeth u got done what happen to the bottom row hot girl you say you have money right ? What happen to rest of those rotten brown teeth

  7. Simone a hard worker can’t deny dat she may need to change her friends ASAP!!! Di way Gina a walk and chat yuh I can’t believe ah she same one use to sit before yuh to do her hair.
    She and Yankee nuh talk over hair war! Yankee Michelle claim a she start di bundles business and Simone red eye her and start sell hair too all Jody friend Kim followed afta she bust it
    Yankee start chat her wid Gina and toilet mout Gina start chat her wid EVERYBODY inna dat circle
    Gina walk and ah talk seh Simone inna rent problem and going back and fourth a court wid landlord right now
    Simone u neva learn before u betta learn now! These ppl was your secret enemies
    Gina tek sides wit Yankee tru tings/Likes she start seh Simone owe her money
    It’s just all around messy! Simone tek weh urself from dem cause dem neva mean u no good if dem a use dis fi air out yuh business

  8. Simone Gina chat seh she don’t understand yuh buy a bar for 5k and still living in that dirty basement for 800 such a shame the poor kids dem hungry and look dirty

  9. Gina need fi gwey. Gina is only friends with people who can do things for her and whoever have shine aka popular, name called the most, and etc so she can ride pon their tail. She ain’t no good friend. She’s only friends with Kizzy because Kizzy can sew clothes for her and her little young boy is friends with Jay. If you have store credit links oh, she’s your best friend in the world. Yankee she’s friends with cause she ah shine and wants the shine too.

    By her doing this so call interior designing SHE WILL NEVER DECORATE ANYBODY’s HOUSE LIKE HERS. IT’S A WASTE OF TIME USING HER. She’s selfish like that. You’re important now you’ll see her pop up like a Jack in the Box. She falls out with nuff people Tishy, Wendy, and di Dog Leash babymother and many more.

    Simone lives in a basement. Go for what you can afford. It’s NYC rent is high if you’re not getting SECTION 8 OR LINC PROGRAM. SHE wasn’t living good at one time either. All that glitters ain’t gold. Don’t believe the hype. What people see on FB and IG isnt how they really living in real life.

  10. Boi oh boi. Only black people find joy in a next human being down fall. I absolutely don’t tink you’ll sleep well at night. Simone life mad fi dash unnuh offah unnuh bed. Why unnuh so worried and confusingly concern bout Simone an all a get Simone kids involved. You low life pit toilet set a shit house, leave d gal mek she strive a jealously and bad mind ago cramp an paralyzed unnuh nastiness. If she such a bad person why you’ll take the time out to acknowledge and write about her? Oh I see i get it now she’s everything you wish you could be. Simone continue to do you babygirl.

  11. Me personally know simone SHE ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!owe rent , she dont love pay rent fi nothing , dats y she had to run from jamaica ave , no one didnt want to rent her any space , she credit ppl hair she dont pay for it , is a basement she live inna for years now , i work in the same shop with her a jamaica ave , she dont have no ambition she chat all her friend dem , michelle an simonie is not friends cause simonie said her money come first, ppl stop watch them likes and hype on social media its all fake , if you guys every hear how those girl chat each other you would vomit , they copy each other doings all the time , trust me .


  13. Shamsham , no bady cah badmind simione , from mi kn her till now she live inna d basement , always a support sum young boy an nah luk out fi her kids dem, from mi kn her till now shi ever inna problem wid landlord , soh how do good cum inna dis ?? Simione work hard , but wah shi invest her money inna? Next thing , pinkwall ppl noh chat her like d ppl dem.mi si shi party wid , shi must kn if d stuff ppl write over here is lie or true , soh stop talk bout badmind , dat cah happen , cause simione life noh teck no flight since ppl kn her . D bleaching creme ting is a good business venture , wey shi dou wid d money?? Kmt

  14. Say wat u want about the girl ,but how low to touch the kids .dutty low mind John crow u sound happy di little girl get molested ,even if it’s true wats that to u? Nuff a unno come pan di page act like y’all life perfect.

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