Donna being MIA. Everybody done know your p**y never have no principle you rida b**h never have to confirm it. B**h f**k like dog it come out the same mouths you feed. Ya p**y infected and condemn. Same b**hes you lay with f**k you up and chat you business.


9 thoughts on “WHICH RIDA?

  1. Yuckkkkkk. buss up an tan baddddd. A use tatoo fi cover up bussup. All har tummy tuck scar a show. Body look naasty and saggy. Spwile mi mid morning break.

  2. No sa Donna a beer nasty you always mix up in remember you is a big woman not a young gal how u and you room mate doing him helping you pay the rent since d money man left u nasty rass

  3. Which rida this??? If “peter redz” aka rida. fi him dick no have no principle eda…so therefore, they woild be a perfect match.

  4. Yall are so wack tho like y u guys have so much time on yall hand to worry about her life and who she f**k and her where about like seriously tho….Bitch all yall need to know is tht she good where she at shorty aint even remember yall like seriously smfh like what the f**k everyone who does a tummy tuck as a scared like u sound mad dum she as 5 kids and she stay dam fu***g good for a mother of 5 how about u guys sen a picture of how yall look……..Uno life sad n wack tho uno need a f**g job are something to occupy uno time. Minding man is not a common assult so everybody mind somebody its 2016 come with something that make sense……Pink wall a uno strength cause I bet when uno c r uno cant step to r kmft

  5. Hi Donna nobody want step to u look like a man u talking about job because u just start work Donna stop cuss people bout u life back when u not living any u proud fi mind man like u big son because without money no boy na buy u company man looking Donna go sit down and fix up life careless fi big woman boy girl Donna

  6. No care how unuh try unuh can’t look like Donna fi a woman weh have five kids. Tam walk a chat ppl like dog but all you must memba when you use to sleep Ina Donna bed a live Ina Pettol and renae clothes. Tam no care how you chat Donna and tell her business a road ravers and guru still want her. Memba you man breed gyal pon you and all now you a mad a Donna Dawta in law you Mek a fight you battles all the way from ja. Tameka weh Delroy no stop give bun leave Donna business cause the big man soon stop feed you and you rass man. That’s why Ginger hate u rass dutty bitch Gyal weh no live no wah and live chat people business

  7. Nobody want look like you Donna u look like a boy girl Donna only reason juniel ravers want to a because you mind him like u son him worthless and no like work that’s y him stay Donna that’s not no real love r real want any day the money run out him gone r a because nobody want him but you Donna you can’t even look in d mirror front way a side way u look because u body stay bad a juneil alone stay with you d man only take way you money and leave a though him no live no where why him stay him hate you remember a now u a get knowing fr any man you take because them hate u ugly body y paint up like train station time you take a cuss u go do something with you sad life and come out a dancehall little worthless fi big woman with 5 kids

  8. All weh a gwan….nobody wouldn’t really know Donna business if reanee keep her mouth shut….for the past couple months all she do is talk Donna business and about some fight…come on Family first friends and cocky last.

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