1. Suh a wah mek Footah toenail dem black suh..denh Footer hab di heart a expose dem something here to di wurl? Mi nuh tink a har stumuch trang, a summn else..she love wah she lubb him blind har yei,cazzen seh dem dere foot there wouldah affi tek nuff high grade and ah whole month ah drinking ebry hard lickah mi can find fi lid dung wid demdeh,hopefully. Just looking at it mi might haffi guh hold a bokkle a vodka fi get it outah mi moine..dwl no sah. Young man foot look like im a farm coal bareful from im yei deh ah him knee.

  2. Den sumaddy lid down with them ya breed a foot ya might has well him Neva have on slippers cause u no know di difference. Dem ya foot ya Mek all the sheet madddddddd!!!

        1. You nu see a one ole wounded a have them therapy session pon JMG…not looking O :maho
          Abuse go both ways and if a woman a tek it and nu learn fi bruke plate pon a boi and walk the walk then… :maho not looking O
          Man tek beating, hot Iron, stab up and baggie rice wata and all just like de oman dem tek lick.

  3. dem deh a nuh human being toenail a lion toe nail dem deh.. dem deh cannot be cut with a toenail clipper, those need power saw

    1. MI dead now____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  4. Facts: fotta is the hottest man in Jamaica argument done. He got nice teeth too and you know what they say about big foot man. Baby don’t pay them no mind if a girl can sleep with your friend she can sleep with your father, you did a good thing anything not good must dash away. Fly away studio trash

  5. Foota u toe fighting the sock….u know di pic whey u have up seh u a hot nigga wid di two big foot ina di socks???Di toe nail a look a breakthrough :nerd

      1. __________________________________________________ real him swear him a happen I kaint..worse like how pan di video ishawna go say she love him,…sleep nah reach him foh dazeee :ngakak

        1. met a dem code language …dem a sen out …him hav e a song fi ar …I told u MI NAH LEAVE YU NAH BOX AND KICK U ……………YES SA

  6. JESUS have mercy the resurant mash up tonight :hammer :hammer :malu2 :malu2 :malu2 kiss me neck back what a man foot ugly

  7. Foota foot dem waah wash with jaze, dettol, fab, febreeze, cake soap, holy water and fabric softener!!! No man Ishawna had a point me mummerrrr what a foot bun up no sir some1 needs a foot scrub badly:)!!!

  8. She shoukda put dung her foot and tells Foota say no footsy until him get a pedi. She feh blame cause him obviously don’t care and proud but me would shut him dung. Crap dat.. I just could not do him. Sorry

  9. Den a dem deh crusty kaba kaba foot deh d gal Ishawna get kick dung wid an a hpye up inna dance, like yuh use to walk bay foot nuff when yuh a bwoy foota, like dem foot yah walk bout a mile guh ketch wata and guh a school, a suh eh guh when wi come from country, but yuh granny must tell yuh bout coconut oil nuh scally crusty kaba kaba foot nuh beat dat, yuh look countryish suh yuh must know how fi bwoil coconut oil young man, yuh nuh hab nuh excuse fi yuh foot dem white and dry suh!!!!!!

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