Upstate N.Y. Man Who Recorded Racist Rant Speaks To NewsOne
When Narvell Benning left his house in Buffalo, N.Y., for work on the morning of May 30th, he was already on the expressway when he realized he forgot to put on deodorant. Instead of returning to his home, he stopped at a Dollar General in Cheektowaga to purchase some, but what was supposed to be a quick stop to get fresh ended up with the father of four becoming the victim of a vicious racial assault.
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Benning, 36, told NewsOne that when he left the store and got inside of his truck, he noticed several children near his vehicle. Their mother was just a few steps behind. When he started the ignition, Benning said the sound startled the children, who were standing in front of his truck, and they flinched. That was when the woman, Janelle Ambrosia, lost it.
“So she comes walking down, saying, ‘You ignorant f**king N*gger.’ And I said, What did you say? She said, ‘You ignorant f**king N*gger. I said, Wow, I can’t believe you said this,” Benning told NewsOne.
But instead of engaging in a verbal back and forth with Ambrosia, Benning reached in to his pocket for his phone and began recording. When NewsOne first reported on the story, commenters on Facebook praised Benning for his calm, non-combative response. Benning says that keeping his composure was necessary for him to document the racism that many Americans refuse to acknowledge.


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