Mate this is Rory Nuhdirt at his
Fashion fi fashion party…

It miss but mi need the people them yah suh now
Who yuh think look the best wid d man in a d middle😊😊😊😊😊

25 thoughts on “WHO FIT DI MAN

  1. No to Jesus the last baby mumma weh call har self nahlook. Puppa jesus she stay real bad the gal waah fix caan fix, mi neva know dem woulda leff because she run go breed like she she feel like pickney can whole man. Dwrl if so be the case him wouldn’t have so much patch wuk Pickney all bout. Kmt all now mi no see the wow pan day boi yah him stay bad no bloodclath Mr roolie poolie. Him big an roun like the damn globe.

  2. Like what is going on here
    What I can see is a married man yes I know the girl in the blue she always look great.. But gain a little more weight . An the next girl she look ok too but they bought look good…
    Suh Rory nuh dirt wat about tash?? MI swear she couldn’t Match up wid nuh of these girl… She nuh ready fi fashion fi fashion

  3. Who could have do this??? Everybody know Rory wild

    Him Naa f**k nuh gal WEH Naa give him suh it luk like d new girl a give him
    Hello girl welcome to the nuh dirt world pay has u enter…. Like a chichi busr the card

  4. Mi nah like dem two gal yah give the babymada / wife a run fi har money both a dem look way betta than d one weh name Mr nahlook, lol! I had was to say Mr because I doubt it’s a female because shim look like man to me as a matter of fact them relationship was fake as f**k him look like the wannah be gay girl and she look like a man royal gay boy. Damn…. they got me confused. What gender are you nahlook?

  5. I swear this man is a married man a wa really a Gwan???? Somebody come explain deh !! Him really lef Tasha na look fi chino freak proppa? Weh tek down to batty man??? Rory u down grade bad‼‼‼

  6. Let me address this matter an this goes for everyone my fren tash is Rory wife current until death do them path follow by is 5 kids . Those two girl don’t have Ntn on her why she nuh regular second them cannot walk into her shoe an thirdly she don’t look like a big mango .further more she never ask none of you y’all for thing she cah hungry neither her baby again she’s living a comfortable life apartment nice an clean nuff of you y’all don’t live no where r set a foundation

  7. Omg this is not about the baby madda/wife so why u all talking about her every man a dog and I know she wasn’t a virgin wen she meet him so I don’t think she give a f**k weh u all b***hes a say an like how she is a man send unuo madda and unuo man so u all get more things to talk bout on pink wall

  8. Hello the girl WEH SEH big mango yuh Eva look pon tash,???? How shi shape like man??? All Rory sexy than r woiioi..tell yuh fren when she a come Jamaica shi fi bring Betta close…. An next thing money can’t buy love cause mi nuh sure if Rory love she
    Tash mouth big like tell yuh fren Gweh wid r fake wedding

  9. But nuh d girl that in a d blue WEH mek him baby mada an him left d 1from westOK yes netty
    It was the talk a the town all family get in a it woi
    All netty batty man Breda did in a it.

  10. Rory nuh dirt nuh want tash nahlook cause a uppa chino freak proppa him deh a stay now the apartment money down Rorynuhdirt u fi tek care a ur pickney dem

  11. tash nahlook u need fi give rory nuhdirt a divorce cause him nuh want u everytime him come a Jamaica him spare with a different gal and u a mind him and him mumma idiot gal tash go get a hold a urself and wise up like everybody else

  12. Rory nuhdirt tell one a him baby madda say a green card fi him and him pickney dem him want has soon has him get it him a go divorce tash so all tash better do a divorce him first and tash stop buy rory red bottom and go do ur belly and batty

  13. For the one whos asking about the girl that say big mango.Yes I said it An i look at her everyday.why you have a problem with how she look sure know that she don’t have any problems with herself an she don’t need to invest in doing her body. Let her shape bad body stay you need to take a look on yourself you look like a plunger .you need to back to school dunce bat /the word is CLOTHES/not CLOSE ole fool also you can come an join the marriage. CANDY Im positive that Rory don’t need you an bring you mother,sister come so she can f**k them .You don’t even the difference between need an want poor thing. UNkNOWN man nuh done on her . PROBLEM my fren not leaving her husband so you y’all stay there take an enjoy the movie .PROBLEM the correct word is /MINE/ When you talking about mine never know she f**king is mother furthermore she not even a mine Rory smh your so dumb ,wise up you kidding me, I you she wiser than you .CHINO him have the green card rite ok sure know she not holding him hostage an he’s still here don’t it ok say no more. Just sit an enjoy the rest of Rory happy life with is Wife now

    1. Of course Wifey. Tell dem yes. Dwlll. You need likkle spelling and sentence construction help too, but gwaan through yah Ms RoryNuhDirt. Gwaan right through. Lol. Wife for life all when 20 gyal claims him. Rayy.

  14. Lol tash fren r a tash a write mek mi address yuh please
    LOL… Tash mi know yuh head a mash up know cause yuh iggy cause Chino in a yuh life an mi know yuh did know bout d gal in a d blue cause mi here u a talk bout r an Rory tell yuh bout r … Suh WEH you talk bout wife??? When d boy a say I do mi know WEH him did a think!!!! This is for my kids
    .tash r a d tattoo WEH him tattoo yuh name pon him? Tash a the card that fool.. Mi know u a mad now cause yuh see SEH ring nuh go nuh WEH yuh fava ediot

  15. Anonymous I second u girl tashaneake nahlook fi go sit down u shouldda shame how Yuh man a behave bout u a write up back tash u ave faith like job Inna god time and situation nah go get betta

  16. People is weh dis a go stop it nuh mek no sense it look like a Rory unno want she name WIFE she Nah left hi him an him worst Nah leave her no relationship is perfect him love her man body SO ALL THE HATER CAN GO SLEEP AN NEVA WAKE OR GO CHUCK OFF A BRIDGE LIKE HOW IT HURT UNNO SO

  17. Uno come of a my cuzo name any man we take dem of to want we…….all wen we nuh shape good and we naah buy none.

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