Met so a de 2 gal them this wah inna war.. Mitchieboo and tashevabless.. Mitchieboo seh tashevabless nuh look an she look like man.. Mitchie seh tash dont own a red bottom.. Met mi wan kno a who win d war.. people come judge this …

32 thoughts on “WHO LOSE?

  1. Tash isn’t ugly one bit, that Mitchie person is ugly as sin and that’s the reason she’s so obsessed with name brands. She has to make up for where her looks don’t reach and she still ah lose. Mitchie look like Shrek in drag. All that name brand she ah hype over and she still look like a fighting bull in a wig? No sah, in regards to LOOKS Tash wins by a long shot.

  2. Mitchie waaaah mix out fi true Michelle u are curdled up like stale milk DRINK LOTS OF WATER MA’AM YUCK no bias like ok better cause at least har skin even but both of y’all need to take several seats

  3. Mi win….both a dem look like transvestite. How under God earth 2 women look trang so. The one in the bright dress and loud shoes look like the head tranny

  4. But wait deh…no dah same gal yah(Tasha) did a get a beating ina di African man hairshop by the Shim who neva wah go pan FB and all mash up har Phone?. Is how much war she ina since week?. :ngakak

      1. What say you about Michelle who think she cya fool people wid ar fake brand dem? Lol I give her a “S” for stunting lol

  5. Michiboo look like d big ole gal inna d eddie murphy show look pon her foot inna d sock like sum big ole dunce craven fat gal

  6. Tash ain’t ugly @ all, we do have a right to voice our opinion but calling tash ugly is a lie we black women jus love to bring another black woman down. Tash is a pretty black girl cus nuff affi bleach fi rink dem pretty . Mitchie can dress an her style most time is 100% but overall I give it to tash . When I see tash I dnt see a man a see a beautiful chocolate skin woman.

    1. It’s called fashion. It was in back in the days and it’s coming back. It’s a really cool trend but it is not for everyone. Some people juss love inna everything all wen it no fit dem.

  7. The two a dem tan bad. Fi two big woman with children them disgusting nuh fuk. Tash favour man and tuff nuh rass and mitchiboo body waah do over and tighten up.If a never fi breast surgery and batty injection tash wouldn’t mek one. Member how she used to look? Ok. The one tash she luv the hype and f**y and luv gwan like seh she don’t luv it then a put out statement bout sorry. Gyal move from yasso.

  8. I am going to be honest i dont know either of the 2.. i have seem both on dvd.. Tash does look way better… I dont see where she looks like a man.. Thats just over exaggerating… when i look at her i see a naturally beautiful young woman who has her whole ahead of her.. I think she is wasting her time in the dancehall. As people see her as a bad person.. which i dont think she is… Tash they know you look good.. but females will alway jealous of another female because you look better than them. Mitchie you should start covering up.. i dont think this dressing is for you.

  9. Tash tash tash… I dont care a she Lisa pick… a she beat up steph… no sah a y everybody hate d gal.. Tash dont mek d dirty people them draw u out..

  10. Tash 100 % she looks good and she is very confident and care zero what everyone has to say, she is a beautiful chocolate woman and it looks like she has a lot of haters, she doesn’t look like no man at all… Leave the girl alone, why people hate her so doesn’t make no damn sense at all, the hatred is real…

    Now Mitchie she brag to damn much to be a old over grown woman saw her on the video at Lucky British party in her purple dress the shoes was purple but a off purple was just too much of the one color and every minute she was in the video light she had something to say about what she is wearing and it looks like she feels good when she does and also when there is men around her too… smdh

    Hands Down Tash won, Simple!!!

  11. Mitchie boo looked good at lucky British party. Mitchie u look nicer when you cover up your body. Mitchie next time u go out don’t hype just stay humble & your name won’t call. Your name brand is nice but cause u hype the people dem don’t like that plus your old dem diss your looks. Hype draws attention and that’s y yuh ah get bad press. Quiet up yourself for 2017.

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