Mi seh pink wall hide mi ID deh fi mi please. U have this girl name Latoya (see pic) she nuh stop walk and f**k off her friend them man and send them pictures (Even Tariq which is her friend baby father) and when she finish she a gwan like she better than people. The gal f**k off all of her baby daddy friends them too and the whole a them sit down and laugh up in his face. The gyal hole cannot cool out and har baby father nuh much different him bisexual and him friend them know and nuh stop condone with him foolishness. Him nuh stop sh*t up the gyal them hole. Khrissy nuh stop walk and call him a wh*re and slaughter his name a road.His girlfriend nice too eh nuh she quiet but him deven deserve her. Him nuh stop give her bun and buss up her mouth the other day. People weh leave Ja and guh Foreign guh live with them dutty behavior

2 thoughts on “WHO NEX?

  1. I couldn’t read the story but what is on this girls knees?
    Look like she kneel down inna coal and sey her prayers

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