A who really own the No Limit foreign mattrass Raigy a suh you get hot and a run road but Denisha you a big woman too you nah nuh shame every dutty gyol come from foreign hype pah you lol a weak a swear look pan the ugly gyol take weh b Raigy fah you what a shame look pan him to true him a par wid the nah nuh cocky man supa dog weh domonique nuh stop take fi poppyshow you claim seh you a No limit but member you married already.Me mada always tell me seh anything wid No inna it nuh good but who cyah hear affi feel.a since when you Raigy get suh hot u neva seh u did a Rasta one time and a walk barefoot like Muta Baruka a when since mange tun pedegree tpc muss tru you get some likkle idiot gyol fi married to you ole foriegn mattrass me call you but one cyah get so much blame Shana British before you guh take yuh likkle money and save it fi buy some look good clothes yah mine man if u did a my daughter a beat yuh bumbo and u know weh hot seh yah spend pan the boy and him nuh stop spread him cocky all bout run weh di dutty boy u muss find wah man weh really want yuh….


.No No Patrice Taffe a swear me wah fight yuh bravery afta yuh f**k hyper blacks the man best friend juss because yuh see car yuh too long eye and yuh have the heart fi buy plane ticket fi cum look fi the buss up foot man fi gods sake not because them seh spring break nuh mean seh you fi come a Jamaica and dash out yuh front like a charity between me and you di man them a complain seh yuh pussy stink Ole whore Shana u hab nuff competition me aguh pray fi yuh fi hab sense cause you want an intervention Divorce the dutty black monkey yah a foriegn him wah cum fi cum suck out the white gyol them p**y fava invalid Shana a that you fi get too cause you a run dun di hype you stay really bad before u guh spend time and pamper yuhself yuh di yah a play wife and a tun idiot it sick me stomach smh me and you a fren it nuh look good stop it ….


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