0 thoughts on “WHO ROCKED IT BEST -_>

  1. so make me get this str8. it gone from burning out the fish them who wear skirt to now them a get knowings fi a wear skirt? smh

    next a who sex batty the best?

  2. two batty man it dont look good. that boy on the right follow a bit too much he is no k_ west ,big big fail. ppl.need to tell him the truth the fit dont make it the bs music dont make it and is that

  3. well let me get to the point cawz everbody dseem to get derailed… defo not john john d other yute look better n neater

  4. two a dem a gay jahn jahn a di biggest batty man inna bronx next on di left him jus start out too b a gay .. it dnt look good when mi go too di mall mi cant find nutting too wear go out cause of them fish here

  5. Well all it look like is that mama church suit dem nah go get no break now none don’t look good dem to faggoty man kmt
    Morning morning

  6. Is wha duh dem girl yere, the 2 girls look so nice and comfortable in them A line mini, leave the chile them, the only thing spoil the young miss dem, is the pants under them 2 piece get up! :hoax2 :peluk

    1. Pauline whey u say tried n proven di buddy cannot risen!!!!!!!!! LMAOOOOOOOOO unnu bad no peanut trash ya man

  7. ctfu a no reallt them a di issue still a di wicked people dem wah ago say: swag buck, it tun ova, it siq or it slap weh. As a man u fi dress like man. Man can dress stylish and look masculine. Big man mi sister have deh skirt deh rotfl

  8. Mi grand aunt wear that same exact outfit wid a dark brown inside blouse and har Kentucky derby big hat to church Easter Sunday and she is 69years old

  9. Look at it this wey…..if dem man ever did a find nutting fi wear dem ago look mommy closet squirt likkle bath and body werk and go outa road.

  10. The one in tge gray only need his heels and she ready for the office. That skirt suit is for women. Men feh stop dress lije girls

    1. Dumb females that never open a book are the ones that think this is swag. Irish wear kilt as a traditional garb, do you ever see any of these faggots wearing a dashiki, an African traditional garb?
      The powers that be use a few celebrities that have sold their souls to lead their own people to the slaughter by getting these fools to feminize themselves and further the gay agenda and the unwise calls it swag.
      Shame on these sad excuses for black men and shame on the females who are either desperate or simply confused and have no frame of reference of what a man is supposed to be.
      I’m certain Bob Marley, Malcolm X, MLK, Marcus Garvey and Tupac are crying for you lot!

  11. @ Pauline weh u say it cannot rise u too baddd! Woieeee mi baddie and him love dis we females in parties LAVA sharpen u tongue so it can swipe vellllllly good maybe u will get forward pon di tongue. Woieeeeee anytime mi c him I don’t know if I can control my laughing.

  12. nuh two gay man?The first one is a submissive (bottom) and the one in the plaid look like he was going for the homothug appeal


  14. suh lava turn batty man? Im late wow but that other boy kizzy puppet I here years ago that he bin a big fish. he cant rap for shit and im sure no mother wants her son listening to a gay rapper anyways

  15. The two a
    dem a undercova…dem no care..dem a livede life…yet de woman dem still f**k dem…battyman f**k de best..gal still wann dem..de one inna de plaid a long time batyboy..but a tugs..him nuh act like galpickney and him hood big…

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