All current Maggotty High students in dance video will be dismissed, says principal

Monday, October 28, 2013 | 6:47 PM

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KINGSTON, Jamaica — Principal of Maggotty High School in St Elizabeth, Rawle Bent has expressed disappointment at what he termed the “disgraceful behaviour” of a group of students from the school who were captured on video engaged in a vulgar dance display, while wearing the school’s uniform.

The video, which was posted on the Internet, has sparked widespread outrage and disgust among viewers.


“It is really ugly and lewd,” Bent said.

“And I can’t imagine who could have posted it,” he added, noting that the video was taken from 2011.

The principal said that since he became aware of the video online he brought it to the attention of teachers who confirmed that it was done captured in 2011.

Some of the students identified in the video were grade 11 students who graduated from the school that year, Bent said.

However, he said that he would be carrying out further investigations to find out if any of the students in the video are still at school, with the intention of expelling them.

“If teachers can confirm it they are going to have to be dismissed as I can’t put up with that behaviour,” he said.

Bent added that the existence of the offending video came to his attention relatively late.

He said he was aware of another video online in which a group of girls from the school were fighting in Santa Cruz.

Those girls he said were suspended last year when that incident occurred. The girls were reportedly fighting over a man.

Meanwhile, the six-minute dance video which is believed to have been taken at a party at Apple Valley in St Elizabeth, shows a large group of students from the school dancing suggestively to a dancehall song with several of the females exposing their underwear.

Female students are seen repeatedly lifting their skirts while gyrating on the ground and engaging in sexually explicit dances with male students and men who were at the party.

However while most of the students remained fully dressed, one girl was seen dancing only in her brassiere and uniform skirt.

The video, which has gone viral, was uploaded on YouTube in March of this year, but has since been blocked by the site reportedly after requests from the school.

The Ministry of Education earlier said that only one student in the video, a girl, was still attending the institution.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/All-current-Maggotty-High-students-in-the-dance-video-will-be-dismissed–says-Maggotty-principal#ixzz2j71PBRtl

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  1. Where were the ppl in authority that was suppose to be supervising these kids, this was on the school compound , Principal yuh really need a upper cut under yuh short ribs

  2. @ Sketel, it wasnt on school compound but a Apple Valley, a private recreation park close to their school, not even sure if it was an exclusive school event eitherf. Anyways from 2011, really, dem ha girls probably all done breed or drop outta school already, a little bit too late.

  3. Mi nuh see whe expelling dem ah go do!

    Better all of the kids whe dem can recognize get some kind of community service or school service fi do for a certain amount of hours for their punishment. Or how about mandatory classes on respect. Respect for self, respect for community, respect of the uniform who you are wearing that represents the school you are attending? Have past graduates who have made something of themselves come & talk to them & mek dem know seh carrying themselves like that is not the key to success in life.

    Expelling dem, fi have MORE IDLE TIME pon dem hands, ah go help HOW???????

  4. Da principal ya a sleep pon de job. A 2 years later and him just a wake up. A wonder how many adda depraved filth was contaminated a de school, wey him, who is suppose to be in charge neva know bout? Too bad dem neva have de “donkey kick” dance wey out now, back then. Him deserve fe get some a dem donkey kick dance moves from a couple a de students dem wey a go a de school now, and Ronnie Thwaites need fe expel him – the so-call principal.

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