Wid all due respect tuh buddy…Didi dont have much so I would encourage him not to lose whey him cannot afford fi lost in Yanique tings…All you people whey a egg him on..Didi little…….wont get anywhere pan Yanique lot…Dat a improper management desso dah set uno a set on di man fi embarrass him buddy..Nuh dweet oh









  1. Gm is a couple pics really that serious? Or am i missing something, can someone enlightened me please? Thanx.

  2. Lol this is mad funny, BUT how is his wife powerful again, cuz mi nuh see her wid no career or ntn more dan Donia and the child.

  3. Izzzz when didi morried??? Pretty gyal yes but powerful? Kmt these shit heads just love fool these irrelevant people on instagram yuhsi man! Mi nuh believe him naa nuh buddy look at tht hoight?? Him mussy cyaaa werk di buddy good in a di pumz

  4. No man that last pic is a site to behold. Her batty look like it soon drop right a ground n tek she with it. On a very serious note that can not be good for her back with all that weight on it. Her poor leg them soon give out.

  5. Him buddy little for reallllllllll…. My Fren did a f**k him inna last year… Kim gwan too much that’s why nuff town and country gal f**k him n laugh at her. She is just a stay home mom. Yanique shouldn’t want him. Him money not nuff just regular

  6. Mi cudda swear dem STILL engaged. At his album launch he said “wife to be” so dem mus marry secretly afta dat.

  7. Her batty look like when donkey have on hampa..
    So she really look Inna d mirror n think that look good???…my grandbaby woulda a se “u’ve got to be kidding me rite.”loll…Hi Metta it Appolonia…nuff love n blessings to u n d metterz

  8. Yes Metta. .me deh ya a take a ruff life ez…read n laff cut m go through everyday same way..
    Me need fe sort out back me password so me can login…u good doe???

  9. So Kim don’t even drive? Someone please update me because all the others a drive especially the gal a country

  10. Kim posted herself trying on wedding gown on snapchat recently so the wedding is coming. It’s about time. I think they have been engaged over 4 years now. I wonder if he’s finally going to stop cheating.

    And to answer the question above, no Kim doesnt drive. She literally only has her pretty looks and followers. She could have done better but this is the man she chose. I was surprised to see her in a pair of Gucci slippers on Mothers Day because only knock off and IG boutique clothes she wear. Then again who said they are real. DWL.

  11. Aidonia can’t buy him baby mada a car? My God man. Yes him buddy likkle fi true. My girlfriend had a threesome with him and his then girlfriend and she said it was too small to even suck on

  12. She too hype fi na drive. She love Gwan like she a celebrity. They said u can tell a person by the company they keep…and from i see her with loud mouth davia i know kim was ntn special. All she got is followings on Instagram and one likkle Louis Vuitton bag she carry everywhere she going.

  13. I really can’t believe this girl don’t even own a car and act so cocky on Instagram and snap chat. She is really just a stay home mom. Him couldn’t get her a car or help her get a car no sah and yes the dick is very small I have receipts

  14. I know Kim used to work at Lime. When did she stop working there? I’m not surprised she doesn’t have a car. Where is the money supposed to come from? Donia have about 15 people he is taking care of on a struggling income. All of them cram up in the rented house.

    One song a year isn’t cutting it and he is a lazy artist. Maybe now that he got his visa back and he can do US shows something can gwaan for them. But Kim just as bad. She have all those followers and couldn’t even get her little shoe business off the ground. Pretty looks and no ambition or brains. SMH

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