8 thoughts on “WI NEED A TRANSLATOR

  1. If you like talk shit about my post, i guh send you to hell to meet u damn father there. Meet u in hell – she mussi deh dung south a eat aligata “meet” inna one a dem bayou dung den pan a fish boat…Lord forgive me for saying dat, but u know that is what in mah mind and it duss slip tru mi finga.

  2. That.s what affect in our society..dem illiterate young ppl wey ting sey look n dem body is all..that.s why our society full a criminal

  3. Being semi-literate unda the quiet is one thing, but fi come pon social media wid it is a crime!

    My girl you really fuk up “hell” and “like”? Each only take 4 alphabet fi form :travel

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