1. Dear Women Of The World,

    If unnu man deliberately always a hold him head down whilst taking pictures, he’s living dangerously; which means yuh pum-pum and consequently your life are endangered


  2. Purple ah di better gal fi loveable the fat gal dont look good n mi di see her in person n her face dig out n nasty lookin she ugly bad dont let them filter fool u pon the gram …but wait mi think ratty di still live with the old women

  3. hold on deh jake’s fr synemax sound nuh use to deh wid purple too and ratty & jakes keep party last year how some gyal feel when dem see too inna stand up same weh dem f;;;;;;;ck dem gyal a bronx hoe

  4. Ratty is with the old big woman name melody. Ratty even beat her up cause she messing with a younger man than him, all ratty do is beat her like a beaten stick.

  5. Well to be honest di three a dem can do better cause him don’t even look good …him don’t work all him do is go a party and hang out he’s a lowlife good for nothing piece a shit .

  6. But wait him beat lovable too just di other day mi see she post up picture ah seh him mash up har phone so a nuh melody alone a get di beating dwflllllll

  7. Di fluffy Gyal ah win cuz ah she meet di madda but dat nuh seh di boy nuh have no respect fi har she need fi loue him cause she can do much better mi tired fi tell har dat shit and yes I’m a former friend to her.

  8. it reach deh suh woiii mi nah lie ratti did catch std n gi it one gal name niesha or somthing and him tell one a him fren n him owna fren tell other people ,mi seh di mon ratti nasty to rhass mi nuh even undastand wah di gal dem a fight ova ,di mon nuh have no job no place fi live fi call him own no ambition n wutless. all him do is party post f**kry n deh in gal inbox a look pussy everyday. all mi him even try look n mi friend dem , him live wit one olda woman . lovable di big fat one a one big big big fool , she a try fi change him but it nah work ,she come pon ig daily n a post pic wit him and confess she love mean while him deh wit next woman a feel up pon har batty and pussy n tings publicly and when she ask him him seh a nuh true .lmaoo mi seh di gal luddy n fool have low self esteem him nuh claim har to people , she fi realize she is just another girl inna di same category . purple deh a florida n a whore out she self so it nuh even matta . mi nuh undastand how dem gal gwan fool fi mon weh nuh even have job or place fi live n cyan gi dem two cents . is how a big mon like him a kotch in woman house . mi seh dem gal deh luddy.

  9. A tru nesha Seh Ratti shat r wid std and dats y di 4 a dem Nuh chat to r and di 1 name Tiffany always a dun r bout it pon fb lmaooo purple and nesha a walking grems & Ratti is a likke suck pussy boy

  10. Uno need fi Lowe the girl name purple the girl alway have her money and never mind mon like the rest of dem … Yea she a ratti deh but she is no fool and that girl have her nice bed so uno Lowe the girl .. Like y’all alway on her name … The girl a live her life

  11. Yessss it’s tru nesha tell ppl say Ratti gi r std and say a purple him get it from lmaoooo di 2 a dem a walking germs dem was so call fren and now di 4 a dem Nuh talk to r and dats y di gal name Tiffany always a dun t pon fb wooiiiiiieeee mi ago den in di screen shots dem

  12. Di skrum nesha been a shot man from way back wen she shot har babyfather di bitch nasty n dun out mi Srry fi all di man dem she fuk raw if a me like melo Sammy n har odda babyfather mi guh check up n mek sure di hood nah rotten. Nuttn more dan she gi ratty n him spread it but all him met him nasty fi a f**k di gal dem raw

  13. Dolly when last you go by the doctor being that you like to take pic of your std result and show instagram a bet you can’t??

  14. all of these girls are just disgusting. I could understand if a one good upp good upppp man dem a war over but really…these girls need to go get an education and a damn job. dutty purple who was and STILL IS a nobody. gwan go fix u hair line n stop run down hype

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