Met mi have a story fi you post…so this bitch chupsy which is only 17 drop out a school and everything with no life and ambition well want start a war with my cousin because a man that live a south she and him use to be together but him lef her and now him deh with my cousin and now all of a sudden this b*tch start come up a telaviv which is where we live and a cuss and a throw bare word and bout how the man dont want my cousin and how she will war fi the boy anytime

We all get text from fake account ah talk bout how my cousin ( Tammy) need fi stop follow up quaro ( the man) and how him don’t want her and if my cousin a really bad gal she fi come up a south fi get lick Inna r face ..so from we get Dat text we know a she. We go a dance we see she and her friend them a talk a bagga shit Inna the video light…but tell me now if she did really bad she woulda do something long time right ???


This is my nice clean cousin and her man …and all now I don’t see the man take a pic with chupsy or show r off ..she a real idiot gyal…she block me and my cousin so I want this go public she must see it…

And that’s the b*tch
Let her know we come up a south 3 time and we still nuh get the lick she claim she ago GI me cousin…we all go ah her yard and she still can’t show her self
We ready


  1. Sender, I’m going to assume you too are young (maybe under 25), so I’ll give you all a pass for this stupid mess you all seem hell bent on partaking in. But I’ll say this, if your cousin is sure of & secure in her relationship with this man, she just needs to build that relationship & not waste time & energy worrying, quarrelling & following up bad energy from any other person trying to affect their relationship. Build the relationship, don’t nag the man about this girl & most importantly do NOT go and fight for this man. Both of them are attractive & it would be a shame for any of them to get disfigured for this or any other man. All said & done this situation is really for the man to solve. Delusional or not, it’s his actions that will shut down this or any other girl rather than you and your cousin going to war with them.

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