Alleged matey dies after wife attack

A Manchester woman who is charged with assault after throwing a substance that caused severe burns on a woman she believed was having an affair with her husband, may be charged with murder after the victim succumbed to her injuries weeks after the attack.

According to the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the Manchester police are awaiting a post-mortem report to confirm that the injuries Roshane Griffiths suffered in the attack in the wee hours of Thursday,July 20, caused her death.

A representative from CCU told THE STAR that if post-mortem results indicate that Griffiths died from the third degree burns she sustained in the attack, then a judge will give the go-ahead for the accused, Camille Chambers-Collins, to be charged with murder.

It is alleged that Griffiths, who is from a Clarendon address, but worked as a bartender in Asia, Manchester where the incident occurred, was sitting in a car with a man believed to be the husband of Chambers-Collins around 12:25 a.m. on the mentioned day.

Reports are that an enraged Chambers-Collins, doused Griffiths and the man with a substance.

Both were taken to hospital where it was reported that the mother of three suffered third degree burns on 75 er cent of her body.

She died early last week.

13 thoughts on “WIFE KILLS MATE

    1. You are glad that the man got a dose to? Are you serious? Do you comprehend the extreme pain both the man and the woman have undergone due to this wicked witch? My guess is you are exactly the same evil person as the wife. GTFOH!

  1. Because a buddy you took three children mother away from them. A one buddy deh in this world….Hope they charge you for murder ole wicked gyal

    1. The girl dying a good? The article say she was sitting in the car…chances are that man never see that girl naked and a good for her?

      Ok…can tell when you hurt bitches have baggage a carry. Many of you will go prison for men not even worthy of skinning and turning into a foot mat 😀 😀 😀

      Cock is a lot of black women end all pon top of ignorance.

      1. Sad that she even have the nerve to utter that callous comment. Sigh! Can you imagine the depths she’d go herself over a friggin’ dick!!!

      2. You know some of these people dunce and narrow already cannot reason with them. Who says “a good” to hearing a woman died like that. That’s not a him shot or a stab, that’s a corrosive substance that likely caused excessive pain and infection. And we don’t even have enough info fi say they were really in a relationship. That person just gave a very callous response to a serious story

    2. I am thinking you are from Rema, Jungle or Tivoli right? Illiterate Wretch. Very upsetting when Females in 2017 still thinking it’s the female fault for their husband/man stray buddy.

  2. Met your site is a great site where all things matey and wifey are served up for our entertainment. However this is a teaching/learning moment and I’ve always been saying the mateys outnumbered wives 44-1 on here. Thus imma address mateys!

    I’ve never heard of the mateys attacking the wives but this is not the first time wifey/gf a damaged sometimes fatally the matey!When the stupid wife reach the end of her rope and lashes out,matey be forewarned as is now the case,it may cost your very life!!We condemned anyone attacking anyone and regret the loss of lives.


  3. Yuh neva fi dead still cause mi know di wife just prably did waah f**k har up….why yuh give up miss.

  4. What a damn fool fool and wicked woman. Now she will go to prison and Di husband divorce her and move on. So she couldn’t rub cow itch in him drawzz dem, or cow epsom salts soup fi him? Bun hot, but it nuh Suh hot dat me plan fi maim or kill nobody fi a mere man. Di poor woman who lose her life goodly not even know a married man, so many Naw wear rings, and who lie like a man weh a look front.

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