U GAWN TOO FAR .. Im Convinced She Tie Yuh

Romeo u gawn too far .. MAN FI B MAN … Dah gyal yah tye yuh or she obeyah yuh .. Caw this min she a dun u pan IG next min u a kiss up an polish toe NO SIRRR..
She a late night stunter N delete dem early a mawning.. But she kno she need Romeo cause she going to be homeless again an alone with another baby .. THE YOUTH LEFF HIM GOOD EDUCATED WIFE FI THIS GYAL .. Wat is this world comin to!!!






0 thoughts on “WIGGY LUCK OUT MAN!

  1. :ngakak @ “late night stunner” Well senda at least he’s being a good baby daddy. The thing that caught my eyes in the bed room are the panel walls. I hate panel ! And that big ass clock make the room looks like a Doctors office. Sorry I had to go there :hammer

        1. No honeybee mi did think it was a doctors office to so a double check mi a double check wit u, it was a ? Hon lol

  2. Someone fill me in here…..Did someone not come on here a few weeks back and say Wiggy’s belly was being RAFFLED?? So Romeo’s back…….hmmmmmn well congratulations on the twins Wiggy, more blessings!

  3. Morning JMG fambily!!! Ghinellestrongerthanyesterday please do not traumatize wi wid anymore pedicure postings!!! Yuh toe dem look tuh much like GINGER root. BTW, safe delivery mums, an memba fi tie yuh chubes dem cah ‘Merica kaint afford fi pay fi nuh more…….working class seh fi gi wi a break!!!!!

    1. Haaaaaaaaahahahahahaha BOOM that part bad working class set fi gi we a break lollllllllllllllllllll
      Met ppl dem bad eno man

  4. This bitch live INA a basement .. One room an kitchen is weh she aguh put twin now .. Romeo yuh have twin Ina yuh family cause she is a undercover f**ker .. Really sit an think bout it caw she naw work nuh weh bitch don’t have no papers an wouldn’t even try GUH mek a hustle .. She a breed fi married man .. Pickney naw hold man again my Gurl an the rotten dung PANNEL BASEMENT ACCORDING TO THE PEOPLE CANT RAISE KIDS … Gurl bye .. Go get ur shit together .. The money u spend pan the ASS u shoulda look a betta place an dress yuh pickney betta .. Yuh a worry bout ass clothes an the one wig weh yuh nuh stop buy INA different color .. Cheap bitch nuh use to ntn .. SADAMITE TRYIN TO BE WIFE GYAL … Go take 10 million seats back smut .. Anywho .. Dwl SAFE DELIVERY CHILD !!

  5. Raoul Walter yuh sick dog stomach.. YUh look like a f**king man clown bout you a paint toe nail… yuh dont have no shame yuh tun bronx laughing stock everybody including yuh own friend dem nuh stop laugh afta yuh. Yuh own family a cuss yuh and chat yuh.. Gone from jet setter to cotching inna one room with one bed this wutliss gal and har two pikney with twin o the way…Way unnu put the two pikney fi f**k in the nathroom way uunu share with other boarder.. Damn unnu owe over 6 month rent fi de one room and wont come out the woman house.. She lucky she nuh know wha fi do wid unnu..But unnu inna club a pop bottles…. And who this gal a throw word pan who the f**k coulda jealous a she… look pan har BLACK toe dem guess she cant tief MR chin bleach no more so har color a come back…GHINELLE bitch go take 100 f**king seats with yuh tie man . Bitch him get him feelings hurt real bad and now him cant do no better than stay with you!!

  6. Him did a try look back her for what? She did a look him back & him refuse bcus a sollo caution a f**k her from long time & him did come ketch sollo & her I’m them bed. Dwfl. Good wife were she only mad cuz sollo not paying get any mind after she f**k him pon her husband & Raoul move on so now she sad & lonely emailing groupie met everyday.

      1. She did think the x5 ,house gucci and shit was Raoul dish washing money buy it and now she get him with the one garbage bag weh him own and nuttin bakka dat. So she vex a post up everyday pon IG. Gal guh look a life as a matter of fact guh look someway fi live!!You can never be the exwife ah grudge yuh grudge the gal fi har two pretty pikney and har education and lifestyle. You homeless bum bitch. 3 baby father in 3 years. Stop worry bout the wife and who she a f**k obviously if she did want Raoul she wouldnt give him bun inna him own bed…Maybe she did want get rid of the f**king squatter and your bum ass help her out…..Bitch come off the girl name at least she when a try fi get the wutliss bwoy fi go school or learn trade something fi better himself and when she find out him nuh have no ambition she f**k off with him and just do har ting…Ghinelle bitch That girl dont give a f**k bout you!!!!

    1. Him ketch di wife inna bed wid caution and Wi nuh hear bout it till now kmt how you and him love mixip. Gal yuh story shakey. Guh look a work cah GQ nuh top kill yuh wid bun and memba yuh caan sell yuh crotches like one time cah yuh a breed. Dem Fi call unnu Tom and jerry. 2 idiot a fight dem one anada

  7. Unnu is a bunch a f**king idiot. Unnu nuh see a ghinelle post dis. Of all tings wife a guh post da idiot story ya. Ghinelle stop look attention. Fool u tek di man fah. A post dem pic deh. Gq yuh luuuuuu. Gal a bait di man. Hol on so a wife alone have problem wid wiggy when miss chin fire her chue bag a gal a fight her Fi dem man. Da gal de no top f**k her frien dem man. Met top post her ca di attention she love. Like di next post say go look a hustle an top waste we tax dollas. Inna snow working people a trod mek a dolla when you lay down inna bed pon Internet a watch gal and man.

  8. this girl is crazy to put up a picture like this. look at this room,tv on top of chesster draw. baggas, board ,furniture. 3 thread count sheet. who the hell post picture intentionally of a room looking like a storage facility. this girl is shameless. were she going to put the new born kids because it sound like a twins she getting. i truly feel bad for her.

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