1. Senda u stink a shit like dog stop f**king photo shop di man pic an send een fi get a hype man, Unuh too pussyclaat evil and sad. If y’all go on his IG Unuh would an si seh that it’s not frigging true but nooooo Unuh just love jump pon bandwagon an ready to defamed di man.

  2. Photoshop pic I saw the real one on is instagram page dem duty Jamaica black yah just knw fi mash up ppl life mek dem no go luk work…. Duty black ppl

  3. Not true. If you go to Instagram and Facebook page the real pic doesn’t have any lipstick on his lips. Someone doctored the pic obviously just to have something to chat about the man. Gosh, I cannot stand people sometimes. Smh

  4. When Jamaicans take something for FASHION I tell you. Fashion dread Jah cure, wah braces a go? You know damn well your teeth never need them but because it is a fashion statement in Jamaica you run go put them on. Yow? My country people is just the greatest, cannot find money to pay light bill but braces well on your teeth because it suppose to say what? You is a uptownist? Jah cure, You still come from Ghetto flanker and you need to come out the closet and let everybody know that you are indeed a battyfish.

  5. If only some of you would check your fact before you accused the man of been gay. And sender, you are wicked! You photo shop the man lips with color, just to create a salacious and malicious story. Shame on you! Some of u need to do better

  6. Anon 8:57 a fi him money a spend don’t??? stop watch out di man bloodclaat life an go watch fi u own….u puppa, man, bredda, uncle & nephews chat to rass nuff since u kno seh di man a fish bitch.

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