1. Good Day Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..
    oh no dis a bit bigga dan me,smaddy seh dem did try deport Justin to Canada nd ntn happened, wah mek dem tink dem can move modiva…….rite deh suh mi seh mek a :travel
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. People need to find beta tings fi do. Dem need fi look fi de criminals dem an petition to remove d m from merca. As hype as Vado get, de man no deserve dis a tall.

  3. mi waan knw is who really even start dis petition from de argument cum back seh him a sue mr.politricks fi de unfinished bizniz a pure story after story a drop….mi waan knw a wah really a gwaan

    1. tan deh deh a sorry fi people bout who start…anybaddie sarry fi di white bwaay whey loose everything? Mi tap sarry fi dem since dem run in pan yah and a try gwaan like dem a fi mi personal bull buck mi nah look..I sorry fi di white man whey lose him food mi nah sorry fi who a eat a food

      1. no anuh sorry fah a fass mi waan fass more inna it….ppl still all a ask him weh de money deh weh drake give him fi build the library pon de gully stripe,a whole heap a tings a gwaan wid him

  4. Vado mi si yuh wah day an yuh look like a you a mix yuh Henny wid crack but now mi realize seh a dem stress yah a mash yuh up…..hope everything workout still lol

  5. The white man neva lose everything him give it weh foolishly.
    Ppl just a fight Vado cause him rise from the gully to the hill top. Same way dem a fight gully bop.
    The time ppl spend a bash vado dem need fi a bash d thieving politician wha have the man money cause as much as unno nuh like vado he is one of us more han the politician.

        1. Yes only dem alone..u si dem a seh di man fool fi help dem..mi nah help no strong body male or female dem haffi go find dem way out…if dem nuh sick sick…no help from me

          1. Metty, I have learned that people will take your genuine kindness for weakness and use yuh plus take advantage of you and the situation…like you said, pickney/elderly and disabled, I will help willingly *and even then I have tuh see that there is a need for help*, but anybody else betta guh look help elsewhere…we live in such ah deceptive world now ah days, yuh don’t know who tuh trust..Movado neva shoulda duh di man suh…now coo deh, look weh di man’s kindness and generosity towards Movado land him….what goes up, must come down and what goes around, will come back around….people must always be mindful of who and what they are doing *AT ALL TIMES*…ah dat mi seh…

          2. Rains was just gullible and naive fe duh whem duh fe Movado…he prolly wanted in good with him and was showing sincerity, all the while Movado nay give 2 cow balls bout di man nor what was at stake if Rains got busted…his loyalty was there for Movado but none from Movado was there for Rains…what ah day when di tables turn pan Movado..Metty, sometimes it’s just best fe sit back ah watch di ride, yuh get mi?!…cause everyting aguh come full circle…

  6. Movado a wicked him used the money wah drake gi him fi build library in the gully an used it pan him house. An build one 4 counder wall an gi them, but them a fool a that fi happen to them because a them make him god a the gully an all him do a used them fi get free labor out a them pan him house an the 4 counder in the gully them don’t want no library all them want a sum chicken back an rice an them good….movado know that so all him of fi do a keep give them chicken back like a dog an them keep on barking fi more gully god met a pay fool come from the gully ,why I say that them don’t want better or els them would a beat him long time fi the library money”.BIG UP BOUNTY KILLA

  7. Dem hab a rightdi petition, yes. Nuhbady ever report seh Movado music inspirational, uplift dem or meck dem nuh commit suicide. Him music nah change di world to di level if him nuh guh back a di US it going to impact anybody’s life. Di man wah lose everything; wife, pickney, status, career is him a suffah. I hope to God that my mouth would never cause such a destruction in anybody’s life. Movado and him stumbling block self can gwan guh siddung.

    1. hayyyyyy u memba whey him seh…him say ”anything around here look like it cost $500,000.00” . A Bill Gates oo

  8. we all knew this was coming the guy that gave him the visa got locked up and fired so it’s it obvious he was going to get in trouble for it also

  9. Deez gully Gad fans figet seh Movisha use Rain man fi tek weh one bag a artiss visa. All police him use Rain man victimize. Movisha fans ok with him stopping other people food, but him fi prosper. It nuh guh suh wikkid bwoy.
    Yu tink seh di two big police man dem nah wait pon You??……time longah dan rope.

    1. hayyyyyyyyy morning willie dat bwaay never do nothing wrong yet man but God nah sleep so mi a gwaan watch the ride

  10. All unno a talk the man still deh in america a do show and a mek money.
    So even if unno dream of the man returning to Jamaica come through, the man still a guh better off than 98% of the dj dem financially.

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