Nelson Mandela’s ex-wife has lost her legal bid for ownership of the former president’s rural home in South Africa.
A High Court dismissed Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s application and ordered her to pay all legal costs.
She argued that the house in Qunu village belonged to her under customary law.
Mr Mandela, who became South Africa’s first black president in 1994, bequeathed the property to his family when he died in 2013 aged 95.
The government opposed Ms Madikizela-Mandela’s bid to inherit the home after she launched court action in 2014.
Mr Mandela divorced Ms Madikizela-Mandela in 1996 after a 38-year marriage, and left her out of his will.


They were South Africa’s most celebrated political couple until their marriage collapsed unexpectedly, some six years after his release from 27 years in prison for fighting apartheid, which legalised discrimination against black people in the country.
Mr Mandela stepped down as president after one term in 1999.
South Africans regarded him as the “father of the nation”, and his death, following a series of hospital visits, led to an outpouring of emotions.


  1. Why did him and Winnie mash up to the point where him lef har outta him will after being together so long even throughout his time in prison….anyone know or have insight?

    1. Yes…She had gone against everything his political, social and economic stance was about; to use violence and other means to champion “black justice”. He was for peaceful protest… and he couldn’t forgive her for the lives she ruined and the fact that she lied to him and deceived him to get his support. He’s quoted as saying what she had done is “evil”.

    2. She lie,theeFT,murdeR,scam, gi bun wid likkle bit a cheese and sometimes GMO vegetable caz she bad/wicked loike dat etc etc… pick anyone a dem and then google. Mi nuh ting there is nothing wah dis woman nuh do…dem all did seh she did mix up inna we dear Madiba’s imprisonment..dah woman nuh easeh

    3. She lie,theeFT,murdeR,scam, gi bun wid likkle bit a cheese and sometimes GMO vegetable caz she bad/wicked loike dat etc etc… pick anyone a dem and then google. Mi nuh ting there is nothing wah dis woman nuh do…dem all did seh she did mix up inna we dear Madiba’s imprisonment..dah woman nuh easeh ..ahem allegedly…

  2. Winnie was doing some really cruel things in SA and was doing everything that Mandela was fighting against. She was power hungry, pu

  3. (Tinan) Whay you have written is so right, but the nail in the coffin was when she was implicated in a youth senseless death. A man of such overwhelming credibility, moral, tenacity, faithfulness, and loyalty would not be associated with such an immoral person. Sarry fi Winnie but we all have choices in life.

  4. You failed to see that your words are a reflection of the power of the evil Apartheid regime, that was the main engineer and scape goat of all the reactionary evils done by the oppressed South Africans, freedom fighters included. You failed to see how easy it is to allow such a corrupt and currupting system of government to cause you to blame its victims, for example, Winnie Mandela. She had worked for her husband because she loved him, in continuing the struggle without knowing whether he would have gotten released from prison. She was tortured. She was exiled or banished. She had to raise their children alone, etc. She is a human being too, like you and like me. Nelson, had, according to his first wife Evelyn, committed adultery in leaving her to marry Winnie, his second wife. By this marriage, after Nelson went to prison, Winnie by the law of marriage had endured emotional torture just being not able to benefit from the rightful pleasures of marriage. Please do not forget that this right to be with her husband was destroyed by the wicked Apartheid system, not by Winnie. She also was dragged off to prison leaving her little children by themselves. She asked those two-legged beasts/police men, “Who is going to care for my babies”, without an answer. She was a woman, being treated with such brutality. Now, you tell me please, did she not try? Did she not put out a brave and nnoble effort for as long as she could? I and many people think she had. Her grandchildren in the innocence as reflected also in their poetry tribute to their grandmother think so. And the Bible tells us that, “A little child shall lead them.” You are saying that a man as noble and great as mandela could not be associated with the woman who labored to have him released from jail without even knowing if, and when that would have happened—because she may have made mistakes in the process of fighting for his release and for the freedom of the oppressed blacks of her nation. That is so very sad; and it plays with double standards in this case. If his wife Evelyn is correct that Nelson committed adultery (which apparently was not investigated by the ANC), would he still have been the man you described? I don’t condemn Nelson Mandela even if he had divorced his first wife unlawfully. But if he did it he was morally wrong. Let God deal with that; but inasmuch as they have professed to be husband and wife publically (Winnie and him), he should not drop her like a “hot potato” when she was in such public distress and needing him most to forgive her. Just as she had made a good effort to support him, he should have considered her. He should have forgiven her and reinstate her in full relationship and love to himself. His forgiveness was what she needed more than anyone else’s to heal her and restore her from shame and reproach–which, again, were all orchestrated by the Apartheid regime to destroy her. And see now, how successful that wicked system has been in its purpose. It may have shortened her life also, by the sufferings and pain it had inflicted upon her. Forgiveness is the only thing that restores; the only thing that can heal the wounded broken spirit of a well meaning spouse who, because of difficult stones and roadblocks set up by another agent for her downfall made it difficult for her to endure and to reach the finish line—though she tried so hard. My tears have been shed over this unfortunate ending of such a promising story of a beautiful and once happy couple. I will carry this sadness with me, for I can feel, and identify with her pain, though I am a man.

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