HMID. My sister is older than I am and she and her daughter is currently staying with me for over a year now but currently she’s overseas. Bills are dued so I asked her about light bill she seh she don’t have it so whenever she have. From she’s here every time I asked her for help it’s always an attitude and malice. She went over twice while staying with me and never yet to say send money to help with rent. So this morning she said it’s going to be the last cause she caah afford it, bare in mind she’s gonna have to find somewhere to rent for her daughter to stay so I told her to go ahead. We started to argue. The last time she went up she stayed with my son father for 3 days and while she was there he was acting weird to me. After she leave he told me she told him I had someone living with so I reminded her that she did that today,  at first when I asked her about it she denied it. Then today she admitted it then she started saying how a him I should cuss cause how him did a look har.
And waah suck har p**. She sent a screenshot with the messages this was from February she stored the messages. Now my son dad and I wasn’t in anything it’s jus that he stopped sending money regularly. I visited him the other day and was to go bk up soon. Now this man is currently trying to sort out his self and my son and also finding something for me. My sister on the other hand is no help at all but it’s my niece I’m soft hearted to. What advice can someone give me regarding this. She helps non at all and I’m the one who also pays my dad bills. I’m numb to what to do next. Can I get some advice

5 thoughts on “WITH A SISTER LIKE THIS

  1. Look here, tell yuh big tinking sista two bloodclaaat an tell har fi come tek har picney..an she entitled fi 2 bax. Yuh have yuh man dung deh caah yuh neva deny dat, an yuh man have ooman a farrin suh a wah? A choo di money stop :ngakak yuh funny as fuk. A don’t know what to say oooo.

  2. Sender , you have a heart of gold. God is going to truly bless you for your SACRIFICE to care for another woman’s child as if she is your own. Please don’t stop. Please continue to the best of your abilities because by the sound of things, I doubt the mother is a nurturing , caring mother. Maybe get other family members involved ? Have a large round table discussion or tribunal of sorts. There must be an elder/elders in the family she listens to…
    Next, as for your child’s father, she should just damn well know better. He is OFF LIMITS. If all fails ,, call ICE pon har raas hahagahaha DWL

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