SENDER;-Yardie Jan and her daughter cute but need to dress more accordingly for the breast area them slippers breast is a no no and them love Chat people , so you want to tell me that they don’t have a M&S or debhihams in Manchester to measure and fit a good bra???

7 thoughts on “WOE IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY

  1. Dem cute but dem need fi go link Sher dem fi get a discount off designer body fi do the breast dem fi true or simple wear a bra with lots of support!!!

  2. The hate is really f**king real well at least Yuh breast nuh marky like nuff gal INA manni dem a talk bout breasts I am sure dem pussy nuh or dem mouth.from Yuh man love dem an Yuh married have man..mek dem talk..wow full of hate imange how fi dem stay..a throw stone Pon glass house.smh

  3. Breast stay bad tho Pictures don’t lie if fimi breast then did stay suh mi would a do surgery or simple wear bra to support if I was a friend I would tell her nicely mi wouldn’t go out with her looking like dat on the real tho them pretty but breast dem is a epic fail!!!!!!

  4. Mi woulda say Slippers Titty but them breast deh pass slippers and fi a skinny girl the daughter breast dem long bad simple just do surgery if unu wan wear those low cut tops

  5. These two smh how dem gawn and live chat ppl whilst dem breast a spoil lol nah look mi did know they were gonna reach on here and that picture of the mother was her birthday party last year the daughter want a slap fi Mek her mother come her party looking like that !!! Bra cheap a England!!!

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