B**h need fi guh back ah basic school bout “why these bitches im bout that money”. Flawless show boring like bout you deh pon camera ah talk bout you cant mek soup and yuh have 2 pitney yuh ah disgrace. Mellissa you cant do nothing but mek jacket guh sit down bout you hold mon fi 14 years and yuh give him ah full coat you should ah shame fi deh with mon fi years and mek side mon breed yuh!!! Gal weh gah dance everynight inna di dutty girdle weh ah print true yuh clothes, you cant brag bout nuh body,you sick stomach bad, any man weh lay dung wid yuh careless bad.


8 thoughts on “WOE SENDER WOE

  1. I dont understand how kevin sehh him a hot man & him accept him jacket. Mi hear seh a because him treat her bad so when she breed pon him him never mind cause she hardly did a see him or get anything from him

  2. Ah weh unnuh mean bout sender fi do better with screenshot sender ah show seh melissa slow and cant read and write!!!!

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