Maggot in soup gives woman nightmares
Simone Morgan-Lindo

A woman who claims she received a maggot in food purchased at a fast-food restaurant said she is dissatisfied with the $5,000 compensation she is being offered.

The woman, who gives her name as Shanna-Kay, said she purchased a cup of soup at a establishment in St Catherine on October 26 last year but had a most unpleasant experience after she found the larva at the bottom of the container.

“When I went to my workplace and begin to drink it, mi realise it was very cold. When I reach to the bottom of the soup, I saw a maggot on the dumpling, and I showed to my coworkers, and they confirmed it was indeed a maggot. The sight of it make mi start vomit same time,” she said.

Shanna-Kay said she returned to the food outlet and spoke with the shift manager, who offered her another cup of soup.

“She took the cup and used a pen to lift the maggot off the dumplings, squeeze both side of it and ask mi if I want back the money for the soup, or if I needed another container. Mi never did ago take a next soup or the $130 weh it cost so she say she a guh send the rest of the soup to the head office for testing,” she said.

Fast-food joint

Shanna-Kay said that after filling out a complaint form, she visited the doctor and was given antibiotics and other medication to cleanse her system. She argued that the fast-food joint dragged its dealing with the situation and believes the company is trying to sweep the matter under the carpet.

“A month pass, and is like a me always have to a call dem. Couple weeks a guh dem call mi and say dem run investigation pon di soup and dem nuh see no maggot in it, but dem still can’t tell mi what it was. Earlier this week, mi call dem, and dem say dem still nuh see nothing wrong with the soup. Afterwards, mi get back a next call the same day, and dem say dem a offer mi $5,000,” she said.

“So mi ask dem how dem a offer me $5,000 when mi doctor bill almost come to 10 grand, plus, why make an offer when dem tell mi say dem never find nothing wrong wid di soup,” Shanna-Kay added.

Shanna-Kay said she has suffered emotional trauma as a result of the ordeal.

“From the 26 a October, me can’t find myself a drink soup, even if a mi madda cook a mi yard, because all mi can imagine a the maggot. Mi all go a mi bed and dream say all a inside a mi infested with maggot. The doctor say is traumatise mi traumatise,” she said.


  1. Is same so mi tek mi fast self stop on Bayfarm road back in 2016 and bought a fish soup from from a popular fish man and took about 3 sips when I noticed the small white things! MAGGOTS all now mi traumatized. You can’t get me buy food on Roadside again and worse in her case it sound like a well established restaurant. Look like we need to just eat from our own pots.

  2. Sorry to hear of your experience, we take a chance when we eat out, big sigh. I hope they give you a good settlement, hopefully u will have some money left after paying your doctor bill.

  3. Oh gosh, poor lady 🙁
    I don’t eat out often but this teaches me a lesson. If that were to happen to me, I wouldn’t leave the “evidence” with the establishment. I would want a health inspector to come on site and deal with it that way.

  4. Shana Kay, you are an idiot. Why you didn’t use you phone to document you and coworkers from the beginning? Why you didn’t call the police to document you complaint and then go get a lawyer?!

    That statement about run test and no maggot found is just bullshit :hammer Test no need fi run fi see maggot. Hope yu never sign no documemt before hand! If dem don’t compensate you properly…CALL OUT DEM NAME and LOCATION!

  5. Well mi know two ppl who serve ppl food wid maggots and both those ppl call pon God, one all sing on the choir. Those builder men who work on houses or who do days work and who refuse fi bring their lunches waiting for the employer to cook lunch, some of unno getting bare tings fi eat, and that is all I will say about that. Maggots a summen weh meck your skin crawl when you see it much less fi guh eat dem. I can understand the trauma.

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