Woman jumps from moving taxi – said voices told her to do it

The fear of abduction that has been gripping the nation caused one woman to jump from a moving taxi last Sunday, while she and her family were on their way to church.

Pauline, who refused to give her full name, told THE STAR that she boarded a taxi to downtown Kingston from Harbour View, but exited the taxi at the roundabout where Michael Manley Boulevard meets Lower South Camp Road, after hearing a voice in her head telling her to jump.

“I hear a voice say to jump out of the vehicle and I never questioned it. I just jump out,” Pauline said.


According to Pauline, she and her family tried to make a report to the Kingston Central police, but the driver of the taxi turned up at the station and told the police that she was mad.

“They didn’t record it in the book because the man saw when we were going to the station, and came there and say the woman is a mad woman,” Pauline said.

Head of the police’s Corporate Communications Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, is advising the public not to walk around in a state of panic.

“I think because of what they are seeing on social media, people are walking around in a state of panic,” Lindsay said. “So what we are trying to say is to be vigilant, but do not walk around in a state of panic.”

In a release, Lindsay pointed out some safe steps one should take when travelling.

“Watch your alcohol intake, keep a low profile, always inform others of your whereabouts, carry a mobile phone at all times, and avoid illegal ‘public’ transportation,” the release said.

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