Someone tried to leave this comment ina dis old post

Amita a now yuh a try kill di baby a put inna cyar widout seat.. shame, shame. yuh nah mek Asafa do di DNA? come on Amita man, wi wah kno who a di fada. A di runna or di designa cuz it look like a di designer one. A so much people yuh ave a wata u garden. mi wouldn like si wen u tek off u draws. But how u fi a style safa wen your ting stretch out, u nuh tek all different shape, size, n length. it mussi deep to

. I did not approve the comment until this morning because…. when unno run go tek di wondering cock dem unno always waa play stucky and no stuck nah gwaan unno try drop bitterness pan who unno tink a get it..Leave wondering cockey alone and go look one whey a look fi a home.. …Di man a mine him dawta to di fulless him call har him twin so which D.N.A u want di D*ck Not Available one? I do not usually show children but children of celebs I do ever so often…So now u can roll over and die waiting for your D.N.A



  1. It’s funny that you post it because someone went under that pic yesterday and left a comment “Beautiful baby. Looks more like the designer doe. safa DNA”.
    Why them care if him waan mine pickney that’s not his, that’s his business and no one else.
    These people are so dispicably sad.

  2. Nothing directed at you Met, just saying! you didn’t post it quick enough so they created an IG page just to post that comment.. Most of the pics with the baby the same person left the comment…..Really though??? they knew his cock was never there to stay, so why be mad

  3. Some people just too damn awful!

    Dem probably don’t know who a fi dem pickney fada or fi dem pickney good ah all nah get mind & dem ah worry bout di man pickne!. If she ah jacket, ah him waan wear it! Leff him! There are so many pickney out here inna wants, if a little Black girl ah get mind & spoiled even, let her, there is not enough of that out here. Too much deadbeat ‘dads’ & not enough Daddy’s!

  4. On Asafa’s page, the person posted a DNA comment under most of the pics with the Baby.. Under a next pic someone commented and said “Twins” and the fake page ask if them blind and proceeded with requesting a DNA. Yuh think them a work fi a DNA clinic??

    1. omgggggg! u see how dem wicked these sick witches..why dem nuh go dna fi demself and se if dem madda gi dem to the right man smh

  5. Some waste gal sick, and them sad and them lost the Cocky them think them did have, some gal fi guh over dose them self, or guh tek a headas over a bridge. I hate when people belittle an innocent baby.

  6. nuh bittaness nuh di deh. A di chil interest. pickney wicked n dem ago mess wid har wen she big. unu want har grow a ball everyday cuz pickney a tease har bout she nuh kno har daddy n she a jacket. di chil ave a right fi know. a prevent humiliation fi di kid n heartache. n it nuh right seh pickey a get story asafa a get story n di mada kno. be fair to everybody especially di kid.n a muss di mada fren a try defen it now cuz unu nuh wah seh di truth but people can see it n a nuh mi one seh it.

  7. @idle 1 ur name suit u! suh u did a police amita crachiz? asafa is a smart man and amita dont want him she seems as if she never care if him support d child or not she jst willin fi do it on her own cuz watever dem have wasnt dat serious n she never a try fi mek d man b ina har life! so him know wat he knows n he choose to b a father! wah u did a breed n him ask u fi dash it weh? well a baaaay a baaaaay a baaaay!

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