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Today is Wednesday I should be putting up my baby girl for WCE and I’m here putting up pics of u 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 it shouldn’t have to be like this bready sometimes in life we have to cut our eyes pass something and struggle with what we have Caz better must come one day 😢😢😢😢😢 but u nerve like to listen to me when I’m telling u di right thing smfh I always told u that anytime u feel like do something bad think about ur kids dem first now look what happen. u left dem heart broken 😢😢😢😢😢😢


  1. Met nooooo nooo nightmare tonight no! Weh yuh warning sigh deh aunty?? No man nopes this is not a pleasant sight :nohope

    1. Him nuh look too bad let me put up the warning..Trini did a man handle mi pan facebook hooooooooold on

      1. This is the MOST HONEST posting that I have ever read by his loved one. I believe this was written by Buscuit mom. Maybe the other relatives will wake tf up especially Paula and stop post like someone but himself did this.

        1. I was shocked when I saw it but u do have people who are in for the right thing and not for wrong..He was no hero and its sad that he caused this on himself

    1. Saran mi think yuh need fi mek a quick stop ova Facebook and deal wid da Trini man dey :ngakak :ngakak

      1. Wait deh…I was looking…but mi couldn’t find di post…which post him did deh pan? Mi woulda give it to him….but then again my tracing style would reveal mi identity lmao

  2. Him did sweet looking enuh……a nuff time him invite mi up a di apartment in New Rochelle but gyal like mi front nuh easy to get …R.i.P

      1. Grung Mi deh help:ngakak :ngakak di man fava di geico caveman inna di commercial wid dem dan eyebrows :ngakak :ngakak

        1. Latty mi just was gonna say a weh u a talk bout cuz the geico cute! but when mi si seh a di cave man u a talk mi seh u r spot on!

  3. Gal yah talk to dead ppl bout (nerve) listen. Wah dat affi do wid it now, waste unnu life a hold on to dead ppl when di dead a grab fi jump inna one a unnu an live life fi unnu

  4. Met me de yah a watch Sheryl Lee Ralph documentary. Girl did you know her mum created the guabara (spelling off). The 2 piece Manley wore majority of the time.

    Something positive about Yardies than Geico man :ngakak :ngakak

  5. Well maybe it was the clothes and shoes *covers face* but him did have a swagg to him weh Mek him attractive in my eyes LOL

  6. It is sad to see anyone gone so soon, no matter what he did in his life and how he acquired it, he was still someone’s father, uncle, son, brother he wasn’t a bad person at all, he just made bad chooses to keep up with a life style that most of these men want and sometimes that steams from what they didn’t have when they were growing up and now that their doing things to get it, they don’t know when to stop… He has always been polite to me whenever we cross pass, he was someone everyone seemed to want to be around, he loved to party and to according to his friends and love ones he was the life of the party… When I do party I would see him being the center of attention, even though I couldn’t make out a word he uttered, he was nice looking and to everyone his swag tun up, so something about that man had everyone going… It’s sad that it’s been a year now since the man passed away and his loves ones are still mourning him, it is great that his children has so much support… May he rest in peace, gone but not forgotten… Despite how everyone felt about him he was a good person from what I seen didn’t hesitate to hail you, he wasn’t stuck up like I thought he was when I first started to party… But everyone has their opinions and views and I respect that but my brief interactions he was a stand up character to me… Until this day it is still shock to me that he is gone…

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