0 thoughts on “WOW WOW

  1. Shaniiiiiiii….Dis is more dan WOW. I swear mi watch it till the end. Is like it was surreal. Ina slow motion. On di edge a mi seat. A di first mi see so many ppl dancing and moving completely together….completely. Dang. Mi like it. Mi nuh know how dem get second place. Dem deserve first altho mi never see di odda group. Wow. Really talented. It’s like I was there. Lol.

  2. Met does the title say “second place?” me really wa see who win first den they are incredibly talented

  3. This has got to be the most entertaining thing I seen in long time and I meant a long time (Gladsy Knight was the last 2yrs back). They gave me so much pleasure just to see them preform mi almost reach inna purse fi forward dem a donation. BOOM!!!

    I wish they would come to Ontario – it don’t even have to be Toronto, mi must reach dem show.

  4. Metters, if u look di 1st place winners video is also there. Dem tuffff, deserved dere winnings, please watch it especally di last dance Save me from myself….goosepimple inducing

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