Goblins force 100-year-old granny to move around with dead body on her back

In a bizarre incident a 100-year-old Mhondoro Ngezi granny is being tormented by goblins after she threw away the juju she got from a witch doctor in a river.

It is alleged Muzvezvapi Mupaki from Mhondoro Ngezi Mashonaland West province is in serious trouble with goblins which spoil her food, burn her clothes and force her to move with a dead body on her back.

The able boded granny testified to the media that she is in serious trouble with goblins and all her clothes have been burnt by unidentified evil things.

“I am in serious trouble l am forced to move around carrying a dead body and will only rest when l am sited.

The other problem is when ever l prepare food or get food from well wishers it turns to human stool when I try to eat,” she said

These problems are said to have started when Mupaki threw the juju she from an unidentified Sangoma in trying to be a master farmer to no avail.

Mupako’s surviving children do not wish to be associated with her hence she stays with her three grand children who no longer have clothes to put on since most of their clothes are destroyed by mysterious fire.

Well wishers are no longer interested in helping her since they fear her spell.

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