‘Cheating’ woman banned from attending hubby’s funeral

RELATIVES of a Mangwe man, who allegedly committed suicide over his wife’s infidelity, have banned his widow from attending his funeral.

27-year-old Butholezwe Nkomo, of Mahole Village in Marula, hanged himself in his house after he reportedly caught his wife, Sazile Gumede, romping with another man on their matrimonial bed.

Nkomo was found hanged from the roof of his bedroom at 9AM on Sunday by a relative.

Nkomo left a suicide message, addressed to his aunt Nonhlanhla Dumani, on his cellphone explaining why he committed suicide.

The area councillor and neighbour, Ngonidzashe Chemhuru, said Nkomo’s angry relatives accused Gumede of murdering their son.

“Nkomo grew up under the care of his grandparents and they have declared that they don’t want to see their daughter-in-law anywhere close to the funeral gathering, let alone the burial,” he said.

“The family is very bitter and they’re accusing her of murdering their son saying she is the reason behind his death.”

Family sources say on the day Nkomo committed suicide, his wife had fled to Bulawayo after being caught red-handed with her boyfriend.

Nkomo worked at a mine in the Mphoengs area and had returned home unexpectedly after a tip-off that his wife was cheating on him.
Assistant Inspector Christopher Ngwenya of Matabeleland South police said:

“Couples should seek professional help when they have problems like these and not resort to suicide.”

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