He Beats Me For Refusing Him Sex After Having Eight Children For Him —Woman

A woman, Fausat Olayiwola has appealed to Ayekale/Agugu Grade C Customary Court, Ayekale/Agugu, Ibadan, Oyo State, to dissolve her 30-year-old union to her husband, Kamoru Olayiwola.

Fausat accused her husband of irresponsibility, disrespect for her father and battery.

The plaintiff in her suit further pleaded with the court to enforce it on the defendant to take up the responsibility of feeding and educating their children and look after their general welfare.

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“My lord, I’m tired of my husband and fed up with our marriage. My husband places no value on me and he treats me with contempt.

“No day passes without him beating me. He seeks for every opportunity to beat me and won’t let go until he inflicts wounds on me.

“He has never been committed to my welfare and that of our children. He’s not bothered if our children eat, wear good clothes or have sound education. These are not his priority, “Fausat stated.

“My lord, our marriage is blessed with eight children, but my husband still insists on having sex with me which is one of the major reasons we fight.

“I have packed my things and moved to my parents’ house about four times as a result of the way he maltreats me.

“He has no regard for my family members. He will come to my parents’ house and rather than appeal to my father to help mediate in our differences, he will insult him and beat me in his presence.

“My lord, I’ve had enough of his irresponsible and shameful act, please, separate us.

“I also pray the court to enforce it that he bears the brunt of looking after our children’s general welfare, “she said.

Kamoru agreed to the allegations brought against him but did not accede to divorce.

“All she said is true. I have pleaded with her to forgive me but she has refused to be placated.

“I don’t want her to divorce me because I still love her. I also don’t want our children to suffer.

“Please, help me beg her, “Kamoru appealed to the court.

The court president, Mrs Adunola Obisesan adjourned the case for possible reconciliation and ordered both parties to come with their children.

On the next adjourned date, two out of the couple’s eight children, Taiwo Olayiwola and Kehinde Olayiwola were present in court.

Giving their evidence, the twins who expressed their unhappiness at their parents’ move to separate, acknowledged that their home had known no peace because their parents fight and beat each other on a regular basis.

They further told the court they stopped schooling in 2016 and went for vocational training in hairdressing and fashion designing respectively because their father failed to pay their school fees.

Kamoru stated before the court that his friends had pleaded with Fausat to forgive him but that she still insisted on divorce.

Obisesan, again, adjourned the case and ordered both parties to come with their parents or relatives.

Fausat appeared in court still resolute on her decision to divorce Kamoru. She came with her father, Rafiu Lawal while Kamoru came with his mother’s best friend, Olusola Alade.

“I never gave Fausat into marriage nor collected any dowry on her. I also don’t owe Kamoru a dime since he and Fausat have been living together as husband and wife, Rafiu told the court.

“I always sent her back any time she moved to my house after fighting with her husband. But my friends advised me against this. They told me he would one day kill her. I, therefore, made her stay the last time she came with her belongings because I didn’t want to lose her after losing her mother and two other wives in a year.

“Kamoru has no regard for me. He will come to my house to insult me and beat Fausat in my presence. I have children who can beat him up but I have to apply wisdom as an elderly person. If they beat him and he dies, my name will be soiled.

“Again, if I arrest him with the police, they will frustrate me and ask me to report at the station on a regular basis.

“Kamoru spite me with the death of my wives and I wept till my eyes were damaged and I almost went blind. I was admitted in the hospital and he didn’t deem it fit to check on me in the hospital, “he stated.

Olusola Alade stated before the court that:”Kamoru and Fausa both moved into my house the very day they both decided to start living together as husband and wife.

“Their marriage has been fraught with crisis from its outset and I often mediated in their differences. I always counsel Kamoru against beating his wife but he turned deaf ears to me.

“I’ve been to Fausat’s father’s house to plead on Kamoru’s behalf and request that his daughter returns to her husband, but I met a brick wall, “she concluded.

Giving her judgment, Obisesan stated that the court had done all in its power to reconcile both parties, but all efforts had obviously proved abortive.

She added that since the union was characterised with violence, it was imperative that the court dissolved it in order to avert any tragic incident, most especially loss of life.

Ruling, Obisesan dissolved their union.

She granted Fausat custody of the only two children living with them and mandated Kamoru to pay N5, 000 per month on each as feeding allowance.

She appealed to both parties and their families to maintain peace.

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