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‘My brother impregnated me,’ court told

A Harare woman dragged her cousin brother before a Harare Civil Court claiming maintenance for their child.

Martha Pasipamire told Harare magistrate Milton Serima that her cousin Livingstone Gahadza raped her sometime back when they were at a funeral and the two had a child together.

“He raped me. We had sex but I did not want,” said Pasipamire.

Gahadza refuted Pasimamire’s claims and said that he could not have sired a child with his own sister.
He told the court that his sister was in love with his friend (Max) who disappeared after impregnating Pasipamire.

“She was in love with my friend whom I worked with so when she got pregnant she started pestering me, claiming I knew my friend’s whereabouts,” said Gahadza.

“She threatened to humiliate me in front of our relatives and also said that I will take responsibility of the child until I tell her about the whereabouts of Max.”

The sister demanded a paternity test to prove parentage of the child.

“I had sex with him and I do not know the one he calls Max,” she protested.

“We were at a funeral and he called me and slept with me. I told him that we are relatives but he insisted.”

The atmosphere got murkier when Pasipamire told the court that her cousin-cum-husband had threatened to kill her if she divulged their “little secret”.

“When I got pregnant he told me to abort,” she said.

Serima said it was novelty for a sister to bring her brother before the court claiming maintenance.

Serima ruled that Gahadza was the father of the child until the paternity test proved otherwise.

He ordered him to pay $50 in child support and said if the paternity results prove that Gahadza was the father, Pasipamire was free to apply for an upward variation.
Impregnate Court

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