A 15-year-old girl from Chiwundura communal lands has applied for termination of pregnancy at the Gweru Magistrate’s Court after she was raped and impregnated allegedly by her blood brother at knife point.

Gweru magistrate, Ms Getrude Mayenyose yesterday heard how the 29 year-old brother to the complainant, would break into his sister’s bedroom on different occasions between October and December last year, demanding sex at knife point.

The teenager told the court that she was not prepared to keep a child with her brother and applied to have the pregnancy, which is said to be about three months, terminated.

Gweru provincial magistrate, Ms Phathekile Msipa is expected to deliver a ruling on the girl’s application today.

Prosecuting, Hackson Kadungure told the court that the accused was staying with the complainant, a younger brother and their grandmother in Chemhukutu Village under Chief Chiwundura.

Kadungure said between October and December 2013, the accused would break into his 15-year-old sister’s bedroom at night before demanding sex from her at knife point.

The accused, the court heard, would also threaten to kill the complainant if she told anyone about the sexual assaults.

Kadungure said the younger brother to the two who was now aware of the abuse reported the matter to the village child protection committee.

The committee later reported the matter to the police.

The girl was taken for pregnancy tests and a doctor revealed she was three months pregnant.

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