The”monied man proceeded to his rural home in Gokwe where he started squandering the money and called his other two brothers to come and get their share.
Trouble started when he gave his brothers certain amounts of the money and they started hallucinating.
A neighbour who spoke on condition of anonymity said “One of the brothers who was based in South Africa returned a few weeks ago.
“He did not stay long in Mzlllkazi as he immediately left for their rural home in Gokwe. He just showed his brothers his money and told them to follow him if they wanted it.
“Simba, the one who stays at their house followed him and was given R10 000 and as for the other one I do not know how much he got.
“When Simba returned, he told his friends about the money and was happy about everything. He was planning to invest it, but unfortunately he went insane.
“He started breaking neighbour’s windows saying he was fighting with some people, but they were only seen by him.”
Simba’s other brother who was at their home reportedly started acting weird as well and joined him in breaking the neighbours’ windows.
“The relatives who were at the house phoned their parents in Gokwe to inform them about what was happening. To their surprise they were told that the other one who had brought the money was also acting the same way.
“Simba and his other brother were then taken to Ingutsheni hospital and Simba was discharged two days ago,” said the source.
A tenant at the house confirmed the incident, but refused to give details on what happened saying, “Simba broke neighbours’ windows and he claimed he was fighting with some people who wanted to take his money away. I cannot say much because am just a tenant, you should talk to Simba as he was discharged from Ingutsheni two days ago.”
Efforts to get a comment from Simba were fruitless as his whereabouts were unknown and one of the relatives refused to comment

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