Locals in a sleepy village in Kyegegwa district, Western Uganda, are still reeling from shock after a woman who died and was buried 11 years ago resurfaced in a neighbouring district, Kibaale. Apoloniah Kobusinge is reported to have died in 2004. “My daughter died in an accident in Nyamugura on the Kibaale-Kagadi road while returning from a party. We mourned and buried her,” Femia Kamaransamba, mother to Kobusinge told local journalists. However, the mother has revealed that her burial was dogged by controversy, seeing as events that took place left many stunned. Apparently, Kobusinge is from Bunyoro (Western Uganda) where locals strongly believe in superstition, and juju-related incidents abound as residents are allegedly allergic to hard work. Reportedly, if a man from certain minority clans in the area is attracted to a woman, she has no option but to give in to his advances. Because if she turns him down, chances are the man, using juju, will steal her spirit, causing her untold suffering through diseases or even death. Sources reveal that Kobusinge’s mother is a staunch Catholic, who had to break up with her husband, Omuhereza Ajuna, after he joined Owobusoboozi Bisaka’s (a self-declared god) cult. In an interesting turn of events, Kobusinge caught Owobusoboozi’s eye while at his church and he sought her hand in marriage. Experienced hallucinations Reluctantly, Ajuna agreed to marry Kobusinge off to the god, as he foresaw himself gaining prestige and riches. But Kobusinge, who perhaps did not see what value an old wrinkly man masquerading as a god would add to her life, declined but continued attending his church. See also: 22-year-old king of Tooro, Uganda, mannerless stunt at party stuns guests One afternoon Kobusinge felt unwell and was taken to a nearby clinic, where doctors said they could not find anything wrong, and advised them to try another hospital. As they traversed the village, Kobusinge fell off her bicycle and was unconscious for over 8 hours. She later regained consciousness, only for her to experience hallucinations repeatedly days later. Mentally unstable One day while from a party, Kobusinge was involved in a grisly road accident that killed 6 people including herself. During the night vigil, those present reported freakish strong winds that blew rooftops away. During the burial, a whirlwind blew by, sending everyone scampering. Those present hurried the rites to finish the burial before it began raining heavily. A few days later, Kobusinge’s grave caved in, and Kabahuma got someone to add stones and soil to ensure wild animals did not access the grave. Kwezi, a man who had earlier been dating Kobusinge before Owobusoboozi, died in a motorcycle accident days later.
A few weeks ago, word went round that Kobusinge had been seen in Kibaale town, an alleged cannibals’ haven. The family never believed it despite persistent reports. Kobusinge was taken into custody by herdsmen when they found her, looking mentally unstable and wandering alone in the hills. Relatives were informed and the family finally believed she was the one when they saw the scar on her breast and a missing thumb nail which she had lost when her mother thumped her in a fit of rage when she was younger. Prayers were held for her at local Pentecostal church, The Lord Jesus Foundation Church, where Pastor Patrick Sewante broke the demonic bonds. She can now speak, though she does not know who she is or where she comes from. Her father has said he has to consult the god before taking any action.

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