Woman hires fake in-laws for lobola
A 25-year-old woman’s intended wedding was called off after hired strangers to receive her lobola money from the married man she was having an affair with.

Stunning revelations are that Purity Mazvita Mtazu allegedly engaged her friends to receive her bride price (lobola) from her sugar daddy Kufakunesu Chirenje ahead of her wedding slated for August.

The news spread and her supposed wedding to Oscar Mandeya hit a brick wall after her shenanigans with Chirenje were exposed.

Chirenje was introduced to Purity’s several friends including one Brian Mangwiro who played two roles of uncle and brother to Purity.

Chirenje’s eyes opened after he was asked to deposit the lobola into Brian’s Eco-cash as he claimed to be Purity’s brother; the money was said to be meant for his mother-in-law – one Emma Makina who played the role of Purity’s aunt.

Chirenje lost US$1500 after he was forced to pay whatever he had since Purity was claiming that she was pregnant and her parents were fuming over it.

Emma’s residence at House 8163 Budiriro 5 was used as the meeting place, impeccable sources told H-Metro.

Emma confirmed the incident saying she was forced by Brian and Purity to engage in the planned deal after she was promised money over it.

“Honestly speaking I am not related to Purity but was introduced by Brian to her to play the role of Purity’s aunt in receiving lobola,” said Emma.

“Chirenje was asked to deposit part of the lobola into my account and the remainder was to be deposited into Brian’s Eco-cash and all this was agreed here at my house.

“Purity drove Chirenje to Marondera where her boyfriend Oscar’s relatives live as they prepared for her wedding slated for August this year.

“Oscar had agreed to pay lobola on the 6th of June ahead of the wedding and all this came to nothing after Chirenje discovered the affair.

“Chirenje was left seated at a food court in Marondera while Purity drove his vehicle to see Oscar’s relatives and I want to believe that Chirenje akatenge apfuhwirwa zvekutadza kusvinura.

“I felt sorry for Chirenje but I could not help since Brian, who introduced me to Emma, is a well-known robber. I feared for my life and I was promised part of the lobola.

“I knew Brian as one of my neighbours in Highfield only and he is the one who introduced me to Purity and I am not aware how they came to know each other.

“My hands are clean my brother. I now fear for my life because Purity has been sending me messages warning me to keep the secret but hey pazvasvika apa ndakutotya chose,” said Emma.

Brian expressed ignorance over the story saying he did not even know Emma, Purity or Chirenje.

“Why do those people claim to know me? What are they up to?

“I do not even know any of those people you are talking about and the issue of the lobola as well,” said Brian.

Chirenje confirmed the incident saying he went through a painful experience under Purity’s mercy as she introduced him to several people milking him money.

“Purity claimed that she was pregnant five times and demanded money to abort saying her parents would not tolerate it,” said Chirenje.

“Since 2013 Purity introduced me to several men and women she claimed were her relatives and asked me to assist them with cash.

“I lost a lot of money for the sake of love and I later discovered that Brian was the one I would communicate with as Sekuru Mtazu and brother to Purity over the phone.

“In short, just know that I underwent a very painful experience under Purity’s mercy that I do not believe she did that to me only.

“Considering her age I want to believe that she is more than a criminal and I wish those who were involved in these evil acts face the wrath of the law,” said Chirenje.

Purity, who is reported to be in hiding, could not be reached for comment.

Efforts to get a comment from Oscar were fruitless as his mobile phone went unanswered.

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