Five goblins ‘sleep with man’s wife every night’
by Staff reporter

Freddy Ndyeni from Tembisa in Ekurhuleni says that five goblins with donkey-sized organs sleep with his wife every night.

He said the creatures were chubby and short with hairy skin and lined up every night to have sex with his wife.

Freddy claimed when they visited, he dreamt all night he was fighting with a group of young men.

He said the problem started in 2011 after he and his wife had marital problems and went for counselling with a young prophet.

“My wife was given two strings, a red and a white one, to tie around her waist. Ever since then, she has been in love with the prophet,” said Freddy.

He said when he realised what was going on, his wife, who had joined the prophet’s church, accused him of being possessed by demons.

“It ruined our marriage,” he said and added that his wife would become smelly and he would get itchy sores on his neck and could not sleep with her.

Freddy and his wife have separated and she lives in Limpopo while he remains in Tembisa.

The wife said she and Freddy had marital problems but she didn’t want to talk about it.

Traditional healer Mandla Mnqwazi said the prophet used muthi so the woman could sleep with other men in the form of goblins.

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