IT sounds strange, but from the account of 19-year-old Kehinde Adegoke, it really happened. The teenager who is an indigene of Ogbomoso in Oyo State, but whose parents live in Minna, Niger State, has told Sunday Tribune how she had sex with a snake in her dream for four years and eventually got pregnant without any physical relationship with any man.
Not only that, Kehinde was delivered of a baby boy in the early hours of March 28, 2015. The baby, however, was not brought strangeness with it as it had two teeth protruding from the gum in its lower jaw. It however died on Sunday, March 29 without any ill health pinned to it.
For four years, Kehinde said she had to deal with a strange spirit which always came to her in a dream in form of a snake. She said the snake would turn into a Fulani man who would have sex with her, and afterwards transform into a snake, before crawling away.
She disclosed that she had to leave Niger State in October 2014 for Ogbomoso, when she suddenly found herself pregnant without having physical intercourse.
She was, however, full of joy that she received deliverance from demonic possession through the prayers and deliverance sessions she went through at one church in Ogbomoso, Joyous Miracle Gospel Church and Ministries a.k.a. Iyanu Ayo. She expressed appreciation to the founder of the church, Apostle Johnson Olayinka Afolabi a.k.a. Okoto Jesu, that God used him to set her free from satanic bondage.
Narrating her story, Kehinde said: “My parents live in Niger but I am from Ogbomoso, Oyo State. I was troubled by an unseen spirit. I would see the snake beside me. The snake would then turn to a Fulani man who would have intercourse with me. It started about four years ago.
“After the intercourse, the Fulani man would turn to a snake again and leave. Whenever I woke up, I would not see any semen indicating that I had sexual intercourse. But in the dream, he would climax and release in me.
“I have never had any man who wooed me in real life and looked like the man. His face was strange. The Fulani man also used to appear to me in real life, but I was the only person who would see him. He dared not see me with any man, even if the person was my brother. He would frown and warn me off the man. This would make me change my countenance to whomever I was talking with.
“Also, if I wanted to tell my parents what I was experiencing, he would appear and warned me against revealing anything. That was why the experience I was having spanned some years.”
Her life story changed when she discovered she was pregnant towards the end of 2014. According to her, “I noticed that I was pregnant in October 2014. My stomach started protruding and the change in me was noticed by my mother and neighbours. They asked whether I was pregnant and I said no. Though I did not see my menses, my thinking was that it was a temporary reaction and that it would still come since I didn’t have sexual intercourse.
“When I went to a hospital to carry out a pregnancy test, it was positive. I was surprised because I did not have intercourse with any man. My parents did not believe me and were furious with me. I was so confused that I left Minna for Ogbomoso in Oyo State.
“At Ogbomoso, someone told me about a church, Joyous Miracle Gospel Church and Ministries a.k.a. Iyanu Ayo. I met the founder, Apostle Johnson Olayinka Afolabi a.k.a. Okoto Jesu. He asked me to go through marathon and dry fasting which spanned 41 days.
“After the fasting, I did not feel anything in my tummy again. All I noticed was that my stomach would be flat whenever I woke up in the morning but it would protrude immediately I ate. I went through another fast in March after which I experienced my miracle.”
The miracle happened on March 27. “At about 9 a.m., I started feeling stomach pain. Nothing was moving in me. I took some drugs and the pain subsided. It started again and I had to go to Prophet Afolabi . He prayed into water which he asked me to drink. The pain did not subside.
“By evening, the pain had become unbearable. Prophet was told and he blessed water again and sent it to me through one of his pastors. After drinking the water the second time, I vomited. The vomit was smelly. That was all I knew as I passed out.
“I did not know how I got to the hospital. I learnt Okoto Jesu poured water in the church bell and rang the bell seven times, commanding all evil spirits in me to vanish in the name of Jesus. I was then taken to a private hospital (names withheld).
“I became fully conscious of my environment during delivery. The baby was also changing its skin to different colours after birth. My mother was present in the hospital. I noticed that the baby had two teeth in the lower jaw. I did not breast-feed the baby. But he died on Sunday, March 29.
“Since then, I have been delivered and free from manipulations of the spirit world. I no longer see the snake or the Fulani man.”
Kehinde also disclosed that she had familiar spirit and belonged to a group of destroyers (egbe abatenije), though she went through deliverance in 2011. Before the deliverance, she said she used to see herself in the midst of other children, with all of them adorning black garments.
She also revealed that she was initiated into a demonic group by four women whom she knew physically, though saying that two of them were dead. But all that had become a thing of the past, she stated.
The account of the girl was corroborated by Prophet Afolabi who is popularly called Okoto Jesu. According to him, “When Kehinde was brought to our church, we pressed her stomach but couldn’t feel any pregnancy. We told her to go through dry fast.
“She fasted for three days three times making a total of nine days and she did it without any adverse effect, which could not have been so if she was pregnant. She also observed white fast. The prayers offered her and the water given to drink turned the demons in her into a human form which came out as a baby.
“Even when she was taking to the hospital, the nurse who examined her said she was still a virgin, which confirmed that she was indeed possessed. It was simply God at work.” Okoto Jesu said that a case like that of Kehinde had never happened in his church “though we have had cases of women who were pregnant for six, seven years but delivered when they got here.”
Kehinde’s mother, Mrs Adegoke, told Sunday Tribune that Kehinde was a strange child right from when she was in her womb, saying that the twin brother died at birth. She disclosed that when Kehinde was undergoing deliverance session in 2011, she was rolling on the ground and screaming that witches should leave her alone as she was no longer willing to be their tool.


  1. When people take biblical stories literally, and believe that snakes talk, donkeys talk and that a spirit got a virgin pregnant, they will believe all these ignorant backwards crap.
    Black people, please do better!

    1. They say people fair what they don’t understand, I see you don’t believe the bible cause if you did you would know that the spirit world is real, and that it was the spirit of God that got Mary pregnant who was a virgin, and the snake cannot literally talk in the real world but it can in the spirit world… And I’m assuming that you are white seeing that black ppl need to wake up from being ignorant

  2. Bwaay,wat a pill fi swallow…some ting wah a gwan innah di wurl yah..look like mi haffi guh stop read dem WTF story yah Met!! DWL

  3. been a fan of this site since day one…Met please entertain me for a sec….this is a jamaican gossip and general info site yes?…why do you post these wtf africa stories which are ALL sensationalized and false stories…i know bc im African and none of us buy the magazines they come out in bc we all know its bs. With all the negative press and images of Africa why would your site choose to perpetuate the status quo? After all even most black Jamaicans kno they came from Africa or atleast I hope. This is your site and you can do as you please but theres never a positive balance or rarely have i seen you post about the development going on in Africa. Whats even crazier is that other viewers actually believe this is whats really going on in Africa…if we cant push positive accurate stories just leave Africa off the forum…the sites you get these stories off atent big bc its lies so why borrow material from them? Just my thoughts and am interested in your perspective as well.

    1. Tired to explain. If you dont like this category go on to the next topic…Africa is a huge continent , nothing I could do or say would discredit its history or culture

  4. Your right ill just stop coming to the site…gave a respectful assessment and get a tired to explain…didnt kno you explained before. If someone did a wtf jamaica and only posted false news stories there that made Jamaica and its people look worse than they are already negatively portrayed you and all other visitors would have a problem….or atleast then understand the point. People cry racism and its other blacks that push the same stereotypes about our race and culture…even harder…sad cuz the rest will never do better until we can. Made my point and ill go. Its been good…all the best

      1. It would seem as if you think you are the only African here every single black person is of the Negroid race which mainly comes from the continent of Africa. I do not know what you were looking for me to explain to you but you really have the nerve to say this topic is making you or africans look bad when we are all africans ..u funny and I didn’t have the time or energy today because Im sure you have seen me explain before so who are you again for me to explain today to again? The category is fun, it is meant to lighten up the day, it is meant to make shock sometimes it is meant to make the reader a bit mad. Who are you to tell me a fellow african that a category i am posting about my race is offending you when we are the same? I gave you a short answer today because I dont have time for the b.s. We have been sold in to a lot of ideas and ideals by the western world that is making many of us think that what they may think or say in africa is stupid and degrading…The religion that I am studying right now that has its roots in africa entertains the belief that spirits can get you pregnant and this may cause tumors in women..they are not uncivilized nor are they stupid and you are not the only african in the room. :travel

    1. In my african voice … Run a way oooh … move from here go see dem tomorrow as day light him/ she ova yah lol

      1. Mi tiyeeeerd ooo.. Mi accept every thing Africa has to offer wedda dem stupid..wedda dem lie..and Ive never said u know this looks bad..They are my blood..Africa is my blood but people from the content of Africa dont accept blacks in other places as their equal..betta yet..people will seh me posting these things make Jamaicans look bad…if u dont like something dont read it man..dem act like a dem alone african and dem alone know what goes on there

        1. All dem haffi do skip pass the post if dem nuh like it simple …but a just some people stay A dats why a you have the site cause dem yah loose mind ppl yah couldn’t do dis cause dem mind frame and the way dem think wouldn’t last long poor dem …Run weh gal

  5. Well said met my ancestors just as yours come right out of Africa although that’s not where we born n grow. I would like to do a ancestry background to see where in africa my ancestors are although my bloodline have been diluted along the way with different ethnicities

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