Goblin blinds Grade 5 pupil

A 10-YEAR-OLD Mtshingwe Primary School pupil in Emakhandeni reportedly became blind last Thursday afternoon after allegedly seeing a “little man dressed in black” standing beside her in the classroom.

The girl’s mother, who requested anonymity, told Southern Eye that she was shocked when her daughter returned from school blind and with the assistance of fellow pupils.

“I was not at home at the time she arrived from school, but upon my arrival, I found her sleeping in the house,” the mother said.

“I asked her why she was not watching television as usually and she narrated her ordeal to me. I was shocked to hear that because I do not believe in witchcraft,” she said.

The girl told Southern Eye that a “little black man” appeared standing next to her in the classroom around midday.

“I was in class as usual and I saw a little black man standing beside me and I was terrified,” said the girl.

“The little man told me that I should go to Cowdray Park with immediate effect and even gave me the address where I was supposed to go, but I have forgotten it.

“After telling me to go to Cowdray Park, the thing disappeared and I suddenly became blind. I was led to my teacher (student teacher) by a classmate and told her what transpired. She said I should go home, but I refused because my mother used to tell me that I should not bunk lessons.

“I was led back to my desk until school was over and my friends led me home,” the girl said.

Her mother said she took her daughter to some prophets who told her that her daughter was bewitched and the “little black man” she saw was following her.

“I consulted prophets concerning the issue and they gave me some ointments to use on her. They also prayed for her and told me that she would be healed even though it will take time,” she said.

The mother also said she went to school and informed the authorities on what had happened to her daughter, but the headmaster was not around.

However, the deputy head Denis Ncube said he was not aware of the incident.

Ncube said he only heard that the mother of the girl came looking for him and he did not know why.

He, however, confirmed the child is doing Grade 5 at Mtshingwe Primary School and that she had not been blind.

Neighbours also confirmed that she had not been blind and were at a loss for words to what had happened to her.

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