Goblin dressed like a rock star terrorises family
44-year-old Matshidiso Leuta and her family say they’re terrified of a short tokoloshe (goblin) that looks like a rock star.
Apparently it has green eyes and wears a 1980s yellow suit with black stripes and a cross belt.
“It’s the height of a three-year-old child, but it has the face of a grown man,” said Matshidiso.
She said the evil creature has haunted them for 14 years.
“After I accepted my ancestral calling to be a sangoma, the tokoloshe became very aggressive,” she said.
The Leutas of Sebokeng, south of Johannesburg fear the stylish tokoloshe will choke them in their sleep.
Matshidiso said it choked her sleeping husband this Tuesday. They had to shake him to wake him.
Now she and her husband share their bedroom with their six kids.
“We sleep together so we can shake each other when it chokes one of us.”
Matshidiso said Puseletso (3) used to say she was playing at night with a nana (child) none of them could see.
“When she played and the dog barked, we knew tokoloshe was around. Now she cries when it’s around,” said Matshidiso.
Last year, Matshidiso’s son, Pehallo (22) moved from the backyard shack into the family house after he said goblin attacked him.
“When I fell asleep it whispered into my ear and slapped me. I couldn’t understand what the big voice was saying,” said Pehallo.
His sister, Beauty (25) said: “Its footsteps are heavy. I’ve heard it roar at night at our bedroom window.”
Matshidiso said four traditional healers were no match for the monster.
“They told me my strong ancestors protect my family because my kids would have been dead by now. I am looking for a very strong sangoma to end our misery,” said Matshidiso.

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