Suspected goblins have unleashed a reign of terror at Ndangababi Primary School in Cross Dete allegedly fondling and caressing teachers in their sleep.
The teachers have since demanded protection from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.
At least one teacher was reportedly assaulted by invisible beings last week.
Last year, the critters forced teachers to flee from the school and an inyanga from Binga got rid of them in a cleansing ceremony.
Teachers said they would wake up at night to see furniture moving or floating in the air.
A female teacher said some of her colleagues believed they had been sexually molested by the creatures.
A male teacher said he passed out after seeing furniture floating around his room, with strange sounds that sounded like chattering teeth filling the room.
“My friends said they would wake up feeling as if they had slept with a man. Some of them said they had dreams in which they would be being ‘wonderfully’ caressed, only to wake up with strange scratch marks,” said the teacher.
“I was scared out my senses when I saw my chair and small desk floating around my bed one night. I could not scream or move. I also heard a sound like teeth knocking against each other. It could have been my teeth, I’m not sure, I was so scared that I fainted.”
Some teachers reported hearing strange laughter at night while others said money and groceries were disappearing mysteriously from their rooms.
On Monday, the teachers downed tools and went to the headmaster’s office demanding protection.
A number of the teachers have resorted to sleeping at friends’ homes around the school and others are now reportedly sleeping in groups.
“We cannot take it anymore because these things are getting violent. The authorities will only act if someone dies so it is up to us to safeguard ourselves. The head referred us to the regional office in Hwange but we are thinking of leaving the school.
Matabeleland North Provincial Education Director, Boithatelo Mnguni confirmed she had received a report about the goblins and said the school might be closed if the situation did not improve.
She said villagers had arranged for an inyanga to cleanse the school again.
Last year, there was an exodus of teachers when goblins overran the school and attacked the headmistress leaving her unconscious.
Goblins teachers

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