My Husband Accused Me Of Attacking His New Wife Spiritually, Beat Me
A woman, Aishat Conde has approached Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary , Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State seeking that it dissolves her 13-year-old wedlock to her husband, Ibrahim Conde.

Aishat sought for divorce on the accounts that her husband was diabolic and in the habit of beating her with horsetail.

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She further appealed to the court to rule that their children be in her custody in order that she might give them adequate care.

The defendant refused to appear in court after being served a court summon and hearing.

“My lord, my marriage to my husband had been a blissful one till he took a new wife and started misbehaving. Our relationship gradually turned sour and irreconcilable.

“My husband, who used to be cultured became uncouth and started using unprintable words at me. He took to humiliating me before his new wife and was always complaining and finding faults in all that I did.

“He didn’t stop at this; he would abuse me and rain curses on me and also insult my parents whenever we had misunderstanding.

“My lord, the relationship between my husband and I turned so bad that he who never lifted his hand to hit me started beating me and would not let go of me until I bled, “the plaintiff stated.

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“His new wife initiated him into occultism and he started consulting herbalists. He went as far as bringing them to the house.

“One of the herbalists lied that our daughter was a witch and added that I was attacking my rival spiritually. He threatened that I would die within two days and instructed my husband to beat me with horsetail till I confessed my evil deeds.

“My husband and his new wife descended on me and beat me to a pulp. They further used the horsetail on me.

“They both waited for me to die and when I didn’t, this same herbalist again lied that my power lay in my body cream which I had mixed with concoction.

“I finally moved out of his house when it became obvious that my life was not safe, “she added.

“My lord, before we had a rift in our relationship, I was always helping him to borrow money from the bank to run his business and this went smoothly until his second marriage.

“He eventually abandoned the business and since I had an idea of what it was all about, I went into it and now make a living out of it.

“He got me arrested by the police because some of his former customers now patronise me, but I was later released, Aishat told the court.

The defendant was not in court to give his evidence after being served a court summon and hearing.

Ruling after listening to the plaintiff, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their marriage and ordered their children to be in the custody of the plaintiff.

The defendant was directed to be responsible for the feeding, education and general wellbeing of their children.

According to Odunade, the defendant should give the sum of N15, 000 monthly as their children’s feeding allowance.

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