A Pumula South man in Bulawayo has sent tongues wagging after he allegedly dumped his wife of 14 years and three children when his wife reportedly failed to account for the proceeds of the sale of a Peugeot 504vehicle.
Anelisi Chipaka told B-Metro that she got married to Ernest Gumede in January 2000. Chipaka said as the country’s economic situation began to bite, the couple decided to sell their vehicle for $2 000 and Chipaka was instructed by her husband to look for a buyer.
“I got the buyer who agreed to pay $350 instead of $2 000 that we expected. The car was an old model and failed to fetch the anticipated amount. I paid rent and bought groceries that I took to him when he was in Filabusi. I gave him the remainder of the money and left him there,” she said. She said Gumede followed her after three days and reported to the police that she sold his car without permission.
He filed a police case and told them that I sold his car without his knowledge and squandered the money with my lovers. The police urged me to pay back the money to the buyer of the car so that we can have the car back. I obliged and paid back the money in instalments,” she said.
She said she hoped that the problem had been solved but the situation turned worse. The tearful Chipaka said her husband chucked her out of the house. She said he threw her clothes outside and instructed her to live in the garage with the kids. She claimed he did that to pave way for his new lover that he now stays with.
“We lived in the garage for almost four months and left to live with my uncle. The situation is bad. My children do not have anything to eat and they no longer go to school,” said Chipaka.
However, contacted for comment, Gumede denied the allegations levelled against him. “I did not chuck her out of the house but she eloped with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend has wrecked my marriage. I do not stay with a small house but a helper who is doing household chores and she sleeps in the kitchen.”
However, Kelvin Maseko, the alleged lover of Chikapa denied that he was in love with Chikapa. “It is not true that I am in love with Chikapa. She is my niece. I explained that to his relatives but I do not know why he does not understand,” said Maseko.

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