DESPITE spending nights away from home, a man of Matero township would subject his wife to examine her pants and vagina to ascertain whether or not she had sex with another man in his absence.
Mutango Chikube, 28, also of Matero Township sued Simon Phiri, 37, for divorce because of the dehumanising treatment she received from her husband.
She told Senior Court Magistrates Lewis Mumba and Petronella Kalyelye that this was not the first time the couple was in court and that efforts to reconcile have failed.
“I had hope that that my husband would change but all in vain. He has a lot of extra-marital affairs. He even has five children from different women,” she said.
She said Phiri even takes his girlfriends to their house and openly tells her that the particular girlfriend is his next wife.
“Phiri has even moved out of the house and living with one of his many girlfriends,” she said.
Recalling an incident when she was pregnant, Chikube said her husband beat her so badly that she had a miscarriage.
“I concealed the severe beatings from the hospital staff because of the love I have for him. But I can’t take it anymore,” she said.
However, Phiri begged the court not to grant divorce the because he still loved Chikube.
He told the court that he married Chikube in 2012 and the couple promised to take care of their children from previous marriages together.
However, Phiri complained of Chikube’s drinking habits.
“Whenever she is goes drinking she comes back after midnight. She so addicted to alcohol such that she even locks up the children and goes out to drink. I have tried to counsel her on her bad habits,” she said.
On why he moved out, Phiri told the court that it was because Chikube hired men to beat him up following a dispute the couple had.
The court granted the divorce with Phiri being ordered to compensate Chikube with an amount of K3,000.
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