A BULAWAYO man allegedly shot his wife 11 times before turning the gun on himself after discovering WhatsApp messages and pictures that suggested she was in love with another man.

The incident happened last Sunday in Johannesburg, South Africa when the man, Knowledge Matwasa allegedly shot himself on the forehead after shooting his wife Aquila Matwasa.

The two have been married for more than 20 years and have three children. They are, however, alleged to have had longstanding marital disputes.

Knowledge’s brother, Mr Charles Matwasa confirmed the incident to the Sunday News saying as a family they had tried to intervene in the two’s marital dispute but failed to restore peace as the two would only temporarily live in harmony before they start fighting again.

“My brother told me about his sexual problems with his wife, where he claimed he was now impotent.

We tried everything in our power to rectify the situation, we even tried traditional means but it failed.

The issue was also brought to the attention of his wife’s family and they summoned them for counselling.

When I later asked my younger brother about the situation he told me that things were now better,” said Charles.

It is alleged that while the husband was trying to find solutions to his personal challenges, Aquila was seeking marital pleasure from other men. As the couple continued fighting, the husband was suspecting that his wife was having an affair with another man as the wife was nagging him for divorce.

Reports are that Knowledge allegedly saw pictures and messages on his wife’s cellphone that proved that his wife was enjoying a picnic in Cape Town with another man.

“He called me at around 10pm telling me how much he misses me, I think this was a way of him saying goodbye to me. Around 1am, this is when the incident took place,” said Charles.

Plans are underway to bury the couple back home.


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