A BULAWAYO woman told a court that her husband gave her R1 as compensation after she caught him cheating.

Swisser Sibanda of Spring Farm was seeking a protection order against her husband Shadrek Sibanda, who she said was stingy and abusive.

She told magistrate Evelyne Mashavakure that her husband began accusing her of infecting him with a Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI).

Shadrek, the court heard, is a pensioner and makes a living from hiring out his car.

“Your Worship, I am not trying to divorce my husband but he told me to go back to my parents’ place saying I am a prostitute. He gave me R1 to sweet me up and then said it was for transport. I had to look for money on my own, to go to my parents,” Swisser said.

“I asked him why he didn’t take me to a hospital to check my health condition before engaging in sex with me. I have always been faithful but I don’t know about him.”

“When I ask him for money from his car hire business, he tells me that the car was not bought by my father’s goblins.

She told the court that church members at Gutaramwari tried to counsel them but it did not work.

Sibanda denied the allegations and told the magistrate that Swisser was the one always accused him of being unfaithful.

“Your worship, she told me that I was bitching around because I offered a lift to our female neighbour who was very sick. I took her to the hospital three times but they were buying fuel. She told me that I got STI from that woman,” he said.

“She is the one who started going frequenting the city centre and visiting the soldier’s camp. I don’t know what she was doing there. If you grant this protection order I will also live in peace.”

Magistrate Mashavakure granted the protection order saying it would help if they try going back to counselling.

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