A woman, Atinuke Olukola has approached Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, seeking that her 8-year-old marriage to her husband, Olutope Olukola be dissolved.

Atinuke in her suit stated that apart from the fact that her husband was irresponsible, there was no intimacy between both of them. She added that he’s still tied to his mother’s wrapper.

The plaintiff while praying the court to put an end to their relationship also sought for the custody of their three children so as to give them adequate care.

“My lord, I say before the court today that our home is not a happy one because our marriage has failed.

“My husband has refused to give me, our children and our marriage the needed attention and care because he’s still tied to her mother’s wrapper.

“He leaves home for work very early in the day and rather than come home after closing hours he will go to his parents’ house. Many times he will not return home until 11:00 pm when our children are already in bed. Despite being fagged out as a result of the day’s activities, I still have to stay up to attend to him.

“His parents dictate to him how he should run his home, he is therefore not appreciative of my efforts at making the home conducive for all but will always look out for my faults and shortcomings which lead to us fighting every now and then.

“Any time I report him to his parents, his mother most especially will take sides with him because he’s the only son. They have never been in support of our marriage and have always admonished and encouraged my husband to send me packing.

“He had sent me out of his house twice and I moved back home after our differences were resolved by my parents and relatives. But this didn’t go down well with his parents who daily threatened to ensure my husband gets rid of me.

“He’s also fond of keeping malice with me and this can sometimes last for as long as six months. He also stopped eating my food. He will bring food home from his mother and eat.

“The third time I moved out of his house his father came with a fetish object in his hand and ordered me to pack my things and leave his son’s house. My husband was there but he said nothing, ‘she told the court.

Olutope who agreed to divorce said before the court that: ” My wife has given me no rest of mind since we got married. She’s in the habit of fighting me and cursing my parents.

“I reported her to her father who insulted me and abused my parents. It was only his uncle who saw reason with me. My wife still refused to change despite her uncle’s counseling.

“We once fought and she seized my official camera and has not returned it to me till date.

“She is lazy and thoughtless. I set up a business for her but it crashed because her shop was always under lock.

“My lord, I stopped eating her food because she threatened to poison me. She moved out of my house on her own volition and since them, I have been bathing and cooking and washing our children’s clothes.

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